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BIG Camp 2015, even eleven chinese girls in Monte Bondone for the fourth round

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Chinese girls in Monte Bondone for the BIG Camp forth round

Trento, July 28th, 2015


The fourth round of Trentino Volley BIG Camp - which has started on Sunday evening - will be remembered in history surely as the most "xenophilius" ever. Among the eighty participants in the penultimate period of the 2015 activity, there is also a full group of Chinese girls. Eleven athletes born between 1997 and 2000 from four different cities in the populous Asian country (Beijing, Henan, Jilin and Xijiang) went in fact last weekend to Monte Bondone to perform the period of activity that will end on Saturday, August 1st. The presence of foreign participants at the Summer Camp of the Society Champion of Italy is not a novelty, which had previously welcomed young volleyball players from Austria, Slovenia, Germany, USA, Switzerland and Bulgaria; however, before now, it has never registered a membership so massive of people from latitudes so different from those of Trentino.
For the special guests was obviously expected a special treatment, which includes an interpreter, special menus created by Chalet Caminetto (the structure that hosts all participants) and a working group on fields devoted entirely and well followed by the staff of BIG Camp also from their manager Zhang Chi (well known at home).
"Being able to bring in Trentino and in particular on Monte Bondone a dozen Chinese girls is a source of great pride and is the clear confirmation of how the brand BIG Camp is also internationally recognized ”
- said the Head of the Organization Iris Wintzek -. “About this I thank the coach from Trentino Maurizio Napolitano and his wife Lihua Ma for taking care of the contact. The edition will end on August 8th, and it confirms the validity of the organizational and volleyball  proposal that since eight years we have presented to the guys; we are already collecting ideas for the year 2016".
The fifth and final round will start on Sunday, August 2nd and is already sold out. For more information:


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Matteo Chiappa
  • Chiappa Matteo
  • 24 Years
  • 8
  • Italy
  • Libero
  • 06/07/1993
Filippo Lanza
  • Lanza Filippo
  • 26 Years
  • 10
  • Italy
  • Spiker
  • 03/03/1991
Eder Carbonera
  • Carbonera Eder
  • 34 Years
  • 16
  • Brazil
  • Middle Blocker
  • 19/10/1983
Nicholas Hoag
  • Hoag Nicholas
  • 25 Years
  • 3
  • Canada
  • Spiker
  • 19/08/1992
Oreste Cavuto
  • Cavuto Oreste
  • 21 Years
  • 5
  • Italy
  • Spiker
  • 05/12/1996


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10 December 2017
after Vibo Valentia-Trento
5 December 2017
Lanza after Maaseik-Trento
3 December 2017
Hoag after Trento-Modena


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