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Diatec Trentino wins 3-0 versus Monza in the quarter of Coppa Italia: gained the pass for the Final Four, Perugia is waiting for us

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Aidan Zingel spikes at PalaTrento Hall during the first set

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Trento, October 18th 2017

For the ninth season in a row (the eleventh overall) Diatec Trentino will be among the protagonists of the Final Four of Coppa Italia. The certainty of the presence in the weekend of late January, which will award the edition number 40 of the national trophy (it is still to be decided where to play), arrived tonight thanks to the big victory versus Gi Group Monza in the knock-out match of the quarterfinals played at PalaTrento; in the semi-finals there will be space for another match versus Perugia, which will be the remake of the championship and Supercoppa semi-finals in 2017.
All at once Lorenzetti’s team blossomed, redeeming themselves from the home defeat of three days ago versus Milano and gaining the first victory of the new season (the 500th overall of the yellow-blue history) after three defeats in a row. Lanza and his teammates had to suffer in the first set in order to being able to prevail over Monza, capable to get back from 21-18 to 24-23. It was the captain himself (thirteen points with 48% in attack) to help out its team and to begin from then a definitely different performance of the yellow-blues, which with the serve (10 direct aces, 6 only in the second set) and a more decisive attack have become masters of the game, showing an increasingly good amalgam between Giannelli and its attackers. The return of Kovacevic (mvp with 14 points, 43% in attack and 2 aces) and the usual incisiveness of Vettori (best scorer with 16 points, 52% in attack and 4 aces) were strong signals from this point of view, to which Monza couldn’t answer properly, although Dzavoronok and Finger played very well and didn’t want to back down.


Below the scoreboard of the quarterfinals of Del Monte® Coppa Italia 2018 played tonight at PalaTrento:

Diatec Trentino-Gi Group Monza 3-0
(25-23, 25-20, 25-18)
DIATEC TRENTINO: Vettori 16, Lanza 13, Eder 7, Giannelli 2, Kovacevic 14, Zingel 5, De Pandis (L); Chiappa (L), Teppan. N.e. Hoag, Kozamernik, Cavuto, Partenio. Coach. Angelo Lorenzetti.
GI GROUP: Langlois 2, Beretta 9, Shoji 1, Dzavoronok 10, Buti 3, Finger 12, Rizzo (L); Brunetti, Walsh, Hirsch 1, Terpin 2. N.e. Arasomwan, Botto. Coach. Miguel Angel Falasca.
Satanassi from Ravenna and Florian from Treviso.
DURATA SET: 31’, 25’, 25’; tot 1h and 21’.
NOTE: 2.765 spectators, profit of 15.826 euros. Diatec Trentino: 2 blocks, 10 aces, 15 serve errors, 5 action errors, 48% in attack, 33% (26%) in reception. Gi Group: 6 blocks, 3 aces, 8 serve errors, 7 action errors, 36% in attack, 29% (14%) in reception. Mvp Kovacevic.



Match stats sheetDel Monte® Coppa Italia 2018, quartef of finals results



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Wednesday 24 January 2018

hour 20:30 Materdomini Castella Grot - Diatec Trentino


Sunday 21 January 2018 (PalaOlimpia)

hour 18:00 Calzedonia Verona - Diatec Trentino 1 - 3


Matteo Chiappa
  • Chiappa Matteo
  • 25 Years
  • 8
  • Italy
  • Libero
  • 06/07/1993
Luca Vettori
  • Vettori Luca
  • 27 Years
  • 7
  • Italy
  • Opposite
  • 26/04/1991
Aidan Zingel
  • Zingel Aidan
  • 28 Years
  • 11
  • Australia
  • Middle Blocker
  • 19/11/1990
Pier Paolo Partenio
  • Partenio Pier Paolo
  • 25 Years
  • 15
  • Italy
  • Setter
  • 06/02/1993
Renee Teppan
  • Teppan Renee
  • 25 Years
  • 12
  • Estonia
  • Opposite
  • 26/09/1993


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