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Gi Group Monza-Diatec Trentino 3-2, the match report

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Monza, March 4th 2018


Report of the match. Candy Arena was packed last night and more than 4.000 people came to watch Diatec Trentino playing; Angelo Lorenzetti lined up the team with Giannelli as setter, Vettori opposite, Kovacevic and Lanza as spikers, Eder and Kozamernik middle-blockers, De Pandis as libero. Gi Group Monza started with Shoij setter, Finger as opposite, Dzavoronok and PLtnytskiy as spikers, Beretta and Buti as middle-blockers and Rizzo libero. It’s a very balanced beginning of the match, with the teams alternatively taking the lead (5-4, 7-8, 13-12) and without having more than a one point advantage. The home team finds the first +2 thanks to an ace of Buti on De Pandis and the following mistake by Vettori (14-16); Diatec Trentino sways after the timeout called by Lorenzetti (14-17) but the same Vettori scores two aces and lead the team to the front (19-18). The is decided in a sprint, with two first set attack by Zingel (in for Kozamernik) for the setball (24-23) and the final point.
In the second set Diatec Trentino struggles to find a determined approach in defense; Monza exploits this defaillance to strike a series of aces and takes over (1-5) and (3-9) with Lorenzetti calling both his time outs, but unsuccessfully. It turns for the worse and Diatec’s problems regard attack phase as well (7-13); when the set seems lost Lanza leads the team to a comeback thanks to the serve: Eder scores an ace (12-16, -4) and an attack by Lanza reduces the gap (13-16). But that’s pretty much it, as Monza retakes the stage (15-20) and quickly closes the set with Buti and Finger (18-25).
Trentino is back in the third set, with Kovacevic stopping the attempt of breaway (1-3, 8-6). Monza replies with Finger (8-9) but Eder with his serves and Vettori with his attacks build an advantage (15-13), which Kovacevic with a pipe extends to +4 (17-13). When it’s Shoji’s turn to serve Monza closes the gap at 18-18. A new sprint by Eder (22-20) might let think that Monza is giving up, but Finger leads his team (22-23) to a takeover and Plotnytskyi (block on Vettori)  scores the third setball (25-27).
With his shoulders to the wall Trento reacts in the fourth set, breaking away on 7-5 and 9-5 with Lanza and Vettori (attack and serve). Kovacevic joins the two and enlarges the gap (14-9); Falasca plays all his cards, sending in players from the bench, but Diatec Trentino is now too ahead (18-12 and 20-14) and wins 25-17, ensuring that one point that allows the team to confirm mathematically the fourth place in ranking.
In the tie break Lorenzetti leaves Vettori, Giannelli, Eder and Kovacevic out, with Teppan, Zingel and Hoag starting the set. Monza is far more determined to win the fifth set and immediately takes the lead and wins the match (4-6, 7-10, 8-15).


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Renee Teppan
  • Teppan Renee
  • 25 Years
  • 12
  • Estonia
  • Opposite
  • 26/09/1993
Matteo Chiappa
  • Chiappa Matteo
  • 25 Years
  • 8
  • Italy
  • Libero
  • 06/07/1993
Uros Kovacevic
  • Kovacevic Uros
  • 25 Years
  • 2
  • Serbia
  • Spiker
  • 06/05/1993
Pier Paolo Partenio
  • Partenio Pier Paolo
  • 25 Years
  • 15
  • Italy
  • Setter
  • 06/02/1993
Eder Carbonera
  • Carbonera Eder
  • 35 Years
  • 16
  • Brazil
  • Middle Blocker
  • 19/10/1983


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