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Giannelli spotlight on the pages of "Buona idea", the magazine of Poli Supermarkets: "Volley helps children socialising"

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A page of "Buone idea" article about Simone Giannelli

Trento, August 30th, 2015


The popularity of Simone Giannelli doesn’t know any borders anymore. After becoming in quick succession Italian Champion, MVP of the 2015 Final Championship and regular director of the National Italian, the young product of the nursery of Trentino Volley also landed in... the Poli Supermarkets!
All customers of the most popular chain of retail trade in the Regional territory  - for years sponsors of Yellow-blues T-shirt - in these days they can find pictures and words of the golden boy of South Tyrol also in "Buona idea", monthly magazine about informations, good food and entertainment of Poli and Regina, distributed free of charge to the holders of Duplicard. In number 7 of 2015, available these days at the supermarket Poli and Regina, Giannelli is the protagonist of an interesting study that develops between page 46 and 48 and in which are compared volleyball and basketball, team sports of the moment in the province of Trento. Simone explains why to choose volleyball: "Besides being very nice and complete, the sport helps children to socialize” - precise - “because it becomes part of a collective game and where individualism is not working. It is a clean discipline and for families, it gives a lot of emotions and brings people together."
One more reason to practice this sport and go to supermarkets Poli, where you can get a copy of "Buona idea" and read the entire article.


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