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On Thursday SuperLega in field for the first turn of 2018: the guide to Diatec Trentino-Kioene Padova (PalaTrento, 8.30 p.m.)

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Zingel’s and Gianelli’s block during the first round of the season against Padua.

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Trento, 3rd January 2018


Tomorrow evening, Thursday 4th January there will be the second day of the second round, the 15th overall of regular season 2017/18. Diatec Trentino will play against Kioene-Padova at the PalaTrento. The match will start at 8.30 p.m., live broadcast on Radio Dolomiti and live streaming on Lega Volley Channel (
Here Diatec Trentino For the yellow-blues the year started as the year before: a direct match for one of the positions immediately the pacemaker. At the PalaTrento arrives in fact the 6th power, Diatec Trentino removed Kioene Padova from the 5th place in the last turn thanks to the two points gained in Busto Arsizio while Padova was suffering a 1-3 against Perugia. Also this time the stakes are high and they will be high also three days after when Ravenna will arrive at the PalaTrento.“During this season Padova has shown to play very well, both in Side-out phase and in break point and the team has reached good results- said Angelo Lorenzetti to present the match-. It is not a coincidence that Padova has won in Modena and that it got into trouble Perugia during the first two sets. Therefore we must be more aggressive than usual from the first set, we have always lost the SuperLega home games. Our success depends on our ability in reading the match and in accepting the fact that we must fight till the end”. The team have been training since the first day of the year for this match and today they will complete their preparation with a technical-tactical session. In this occasion Trentino Volley will play the 735^ official match of its history (510 wins, 224 defeats) and it will try to win the 173° home game in regular season out of 223. Near to a statistic winning post there is Lanza, he needs only three points to become the third marker of Trentino Volley’s history. He is at 2,537(Birarelli: 2,539; Kaziyski: 4,945 Juantorena). 
For the 4th time the challange match against Padova opens a new yellow-blue year. For the 4th time during its almost twenty-year-old history Trentino Volley will start this new year playing against Padova in an official match. It happened in 2001 (5th January, success for 3-1, away match), 2006 (8th January, success at the tie break in Veneto) and 2015 ( 3rd January, away success in three sets).
The opponents
Kioene-Padova was the surprise of the first 14 days of regular season of SuperLega UnipolSai 2017/18. With a mostly young and Italian sextet where two former players of Trentino Volley stand out, Nelli (at the first former turn at the PalaTrento when he arrives as 4th striker of the tournament) and Polo, the team trained by Valerio Baldovin has often given itself important exploits and a constant presence in the first part of the placings. The achievement in Piacenza and Modena and the point gained in Civitanova, represent the peaks of a path in which the black-whites obtained some important points against rivals like Latina, Monza and Verona. Among their most dangerous weapons there are their service which can rely on players like Nelli and Cirovic and their blocks with middle blockers like Polo and Volpato. Another important player during this big season is, without a doubt, the spiker Randazzo.
Previous Trentino Volley and Pallavolo Padova have a long lasting history of matches that started in 2000 and ended for two seasons (between 2012 and 2014) after the relegation of the team from Padua. The first official match of the team of via Trener at PalaTrento had been played against the black and white team: it was the 22nd of October 2000 and the yellow-blues won the match against the black-whites that where trained by Lorenzetti. With twenty-seven matches of regular season, the yellow-blues seem to be ready to win another match (after winning twenty-three matches); Trento holds a number of victories in a row that goes on for almost thirteen years. If we want to find the last win of the team of Padua we have to trace it back to the 13th of February 2005; on that occasion the black-whites won 3-2. Throughout the thirteen matches at PalaTrento, Padua won only once; the 7th of November 2004 (1-3 with Meszaros MVP). Their last meeting was on the 22nd of October 2017; 3-1 for Diatec Trentino during the first round in Padua (Kioene Arena).
The referees The meeting will be refereed by Marco Zavater (from Roma, he ahs been present in Serie A since 2008) and Omero Satanassi (from Ravenna - in role since 1996 and internationally since 2005). The two whistles are at the first joint race in SuperLega UnipolSai 2017/18, the tenth personal for Zavater (who this season has already refereed Ravenna-Trento 3-0 on the 25th of October) and the ninth for Satanassi, who in this league has already refereed Diatec Trentino on the occasion of the Coppa Italia against Monza in which Trento won 3-0 on the 18th of October 2017.
Media The whole match will be broadcast live by Radio Dolomiti, partner network of Trentino Volley. Links with the PalaTrento will be performed at " Campioni di Sport ", the sports container of the Missioni Africane broadcast. The channel for listening to the regional network are on the home page, while on the site you will also be able to listen to live streaming radio. Video live streaming on the "Lega Volley Channel" web site at; a paid service. On the TV, the full match will be broadcasted on Friday, January 5th at 09.00 p.m. on RTTR, the TV partner of the Società of via Trener.
On the internet, point-to-point updates will be handled by the website of the Lega Pallavolo A Series ( and and will always be active on the Yellow-blues Social Network ( and
Tickets and merchandising The presale tickets will be active until Thursday at 12 o’clock at Trentino Volley’s offices and at the Promoevent offices, in via Suffragio 10 in Trento, and at any time on the net clicking on
Inside behind the north side press box, spectators can find the yellow-blues merchandising point. There you can find many Trentino Volley’s items.
At PalaTrento we’ll celebrate the “Lanza Detergenza Day”; Lanza Detergenza and the yellow-blues will propose a number of initiatives to promote the important partnership. The sport arena and the official match program will be painted with the colours and the logo of Lanza Detergenza. Even the prize for the best player of the match will be branded Lanza Detergenza.


SuperLega UnipolSai 2017/18, standing and game day 15 schedule


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Sunday 21 January 2018 (PalaOlimpia)

hour 18:00 Calzedonia Verona - Diatec Trentino


Trento, Thursday 18 January 2018 (PalaTrento)

hour 20:30 Diatec Trentino - Arkas Izmir 3 - 0


Matteo Chiappa
  • Chiappa Matteo
  • 25 Years
  • 8
  • Italy
  • Libero
  • 06/07/1993
Uros Kovacevic
  • Kovacevic Uros
  • 25 Years
  • 2
  • Serbia
  • Spiker
  • 06/05/1993
Jan Kozamernik
  • Kozamernik Jan
  • 23 Years
  • 4
  • Slovenia
  • Middle Blocker
  • 24/12/1995
Eder Carbonera
  • Carbonera Eder
  • 35 Years
  • 16
  • Brazil
  • Middle Blocker
  • 19/10/1983
Nicholas Hoag
  • Hoag Nicholas
  • 26 Years
  • 3
  • Canada
  • Spiker
  • 19/08/1992


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