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Record breaking figures for Trentino Volley’s web and social network: all the numbers of a great following

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Trento, January 1st 2018


A great year just came to an end for Once again the website achieved a record success among the fans who surf the net. As already happened since 2009 and in 2016, in the last twelve months the official website confirmed its appeal and improved the most significative statistics: 77,834 different users per month visited the website (934,019 in total, with an increase of over ten thousand units compared to 2016), resulting in a total of 2,685,615 visited pages from January 1st and December 31st (+302,000 more than 2016). The day with the most visited pages is March 19th, when Perugia was defeated in PalaTrento 3-1, for game 1 of the Playoff semifinal, with 10,972 clicks.
Along with the successful results of, the Social Networks profiles of Trentino Volley ranked as the most followed among all the Italian volleyball teams (women and men): the Facebook official page is close to 80,500 followers (with an increase of 7,000 likes compared to last year), the Twitter account (only verified account of the italian teams) doubled its followers since the last year, with 32,250 fans; the Instagram account had massive boost and went from 44.900 followers at the end of 2016 to 61,600 followers today (+16,700!). Trentino Volley Tv (Youtube’s web tv, created in partnership with media partner RTTR) increased its exposure and contents: 444 videos uploaded (more than one per day) in the last year (for a total of 2,654 in six years), with 2,430,096 total views (more than 634,000 in 2017 only) and the subscribers are now 4,981 (+1,515 from 2016).

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Wednesday 24 January 2018

hour 20:30 Materdomini Castella Grot - Diatec Trentino


Sunday 21 January 2018 (PalaOlimpia)

hour 18:00 Calzedonia Verona - Diatec Trentino 1 - 3


Eder Carbonera
  • Carbonera Eder
  • 35 Years
  • 16
  • Brazil
  • Middle Blocker
  • 19/10/1983
Renee Teppan
  • Teppan Renee
  • 25 Years
  • 12
  • Estonia
  • Opposite
  • 26/09/1993
Filippo Lanza
  • Lanza Filippo
  • 27 Years
  • 10
  • Italy
  • Spiker
  • 03/03/1991
Pier Paolo Partenio
  • Partenio Pier Paolo
  • 25 Years
  • 15
  • Italy
  • Setter
  • 06/02/1993
Nicholas Hoag
  • Hoag Nicholas
  • 26 Years
  • 3
  • Canada
  • Spiker
  • 19/08/1992


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