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SuperLega, on Sunday the race for the final fourth place in regular season: it all comes down to twenty-one days

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Filippo Lanza spikes against Calzedonia block

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Trento, 8th of February 2018


The results of Wednesday evening on the 21st round of regular season didn’t change Diatec Trentino’s state in the classification. Thanks to the three points obtained in Latina, the yellow-blues answered to Calzedonia Verona (who in turn winners for 3-1 in the home match against Sora), not keeping opened the race to the fourth place in the final classification of SuperLega 2017/2018. In the competition, in addition to Trentino Volley and Calzedonia (which now occupies that place), there are also Wixo LPR Piacenza that, even if they have four points less (35 against the 39 of Verona and Trentino), will face both the teams and therefore will have the possibility to recover the distance on the couple. Today, 5 days are left to the end and there are fifteen points available, everything is still possible during the twenty-one days that will pass from the 22nd turn on the 11th of February and the 26th turn on the 4th of March. The first direct competition will be played on Sunday at the PalaTrento, Diatec Trentino against the Emilians; then the yellow-blues will be at the PalaPanini on the 18th of February, they will host Vibo and Sora and they will close the regular season in Monza. Verona’s agenda expects the match in Brianza in four days, then immediately another away match in Civitanova, the home match against Milano, the away match in Vibo Valentia and the last one against Piacenza at PalaOlimpia. Between the match in Trento and the one in Verona, Wixo LPR will play against Sora at PalaBanca, against Monza at Candy Arena and, again at PalaBanca, against Civitanova. Diatec Trentino, after coming back today from Latina, will start to prepare for the last part of the championship going back to work out in the weight room at PalaTrento.


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Trento, Sunday 25 February 2018 (PalaTrento)

hour 18:00 Diatec Trentino - Biosì Indexa Sora


Trento, Wednesday 21 February 2018 (PalaTrento)

hour 20:30 Diatec Trentino - Tonno Callipo Vibo Valent 3 - 0


Eder Carbonera
  • Carbonera Eder
  • 35 Years
  • 16
  • Brazil
  • Middle Blocker
  • 19/10/1983
Renee Teppan
  • Teppan Renee
  • 25 Years
  • 12
  • Estonia
  • Opposite
  • 26/09/1993
Oreste Cavuto
  • Cavuto Oreste
  • 22 Years
  • 5
  • Italy
  • Spiker
  • 05/12/1996
Filippo Lanza
  • Lanza Filippo
  • 27 Years
  • 10
  • Italy
  • Spiker
  • 03/03/1991
Luca Vettori
  • Vettori Luca
  • 27 Years
  • 7
  • Italy
  • Opposite
  • 26/04/1991


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18 February 2018
Lanza after Modena-Trento


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