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SuperLega: the recover match of 17th round will take place next Wednesday in Bari: here’s the guide to Castellana-Trento

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Diatec Trentino's captain Filippo Lanza attacking against the opponent block permformed by BCC Castellana Grotte

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Trento, January 23rd 2018


Diatec Trentino is back on track. On Wednesday January 23rd, at 20:30, the team will play the recover match of the 17th day at PalaFlorio in Bari, BCC Castellana Grotte’s home. It hasn’t been possible to play the match on the original date (January 10th) because of PalaFlorio’s unavailability. Radio Dolomiti will take care of the live radio broadcast and Lega Volley Channel of the live streaming at

Here’s Diatec Trentino right after regaining the 4th rankings by achieving 3 points in the match versus Calzedonia at PalaOlimpia in Verona, the yellow-blue team has now to defend his position in this challenge versus BCC. The day after this match, Thursday January 25th, Verona will in fact face Latina in the in the recover match of the first day of the return round and could try to immediately respond to Lorenzetti’s team, that will stay in Apulia at least until Sunday morning (the Coppa Italia Final Four 2018 will take place at the weekend at PalaFlorio).

“Castellana Grotte is a team that plays well and that has been put together with logic, as shown by its recent and important victories - has explained Diatec Trentino’s coach, showing his focus on the challenge versus BCC-. In the first leg already it managed to give us some troubles, especially thanks to the characteristics of its attacks in which the ball is very high up, and to the intensity of the defense, both carried out during the break point. We should therefore be patient and know that we’ll need to repeatedly play the same action in order to obtain the side-out. We are at three days until the semifinal of Coppa Italia and this match is important for different for many reasons”.

Diatec Trentino will arrive early in this evening to Bari, after a bus ride to Bologna and then a flight to the destination; Daniele De Pandis will be with them, but he will be still unable to play because of his recent meniscus surgery. Matteo Chiappa will replace him, while Nicholas Hoag will return to play since his right shoulder is healed. On this occasion Trentino Volley will play the 740th official match of his history, the 449th in regular season, and will try to achieve the 248th victory away.

The opponents BCC Castellana Grotte is waiting for Diatec Trentino with the will to reiterate the success achieved versus Monza on Sunday evening. BCC has arrived from the A2 Series last season, after winning the Play Off with Spoleto, and has confirmed to be a particularly insidious opponent in his home. Nine out of ten points in the rankings and three matches won during the first eighteen ones of regular season made their public applaud, even against Latina and Civitanova. During the match they won two days ago, the couple of high ball Tzioumakas-Hebda played amazingly, in  fact they made 51 points. The Greek opposite hitter and the Polish spiker are the reference's points of Paris's game, but he can also count on De Togni's experience and on Ferreira Costa's physique. In the second line the libero Cavaccini has an important role (he's one of the best receivers of the championship), and Canuto, the Brazilian player that often alternate his place in the field with Moreira. The BBC is, indeed, the team that according to the statistics, receive best and most precisely of the whole SuperLega.
PREVIOUS MATCHES On Wednesday night in Puglia, the sixth match between Trentino Volley  and Castellana Grotte will be played. The balance sheet is positive for Diatec Trentino, that was only defeated in the occasion of two sets: the one they lost when they won 3-1 in Puglia n January 16th 2011 and the one BCC obtained during the first match of this regular season, played on October 28th 2017 at PalaTrento.  In the other three previous matches Trento always won 3-0: on October 24th 2010 at PalaTrento, on November 25th 2012 at PalaGrotte of Castellana Grotte and on February 17th 2013 in Trentino.
THE REFEREES The match will be directed by Gianluca Cappello (from Sortino- Siracusa, he has been present in Serie A since 2004) and Marco Braico (from Torino, present in Serie A since 2003). The two whistles will arbitrate together in SuperLega UnipolSai 2017/18 for the first time, the individual eleventh for both of them; Capello has already directed Padova-Trento (1-3) on October 22nd and Piacenza-Trento (0-3) of November 26th, while last time Braico met Diatec Trentino was on November 5th, a match Trento lost 1-3 in the home field against Verona.

RADIO, TV AND INTERNET The match will be described during a live broadcasting on Radio Dolomiti, a network that is Trentino Volley's partner. The connection with PalaFlorio will be made through “Campioni di Sport”, the sport channel of the broadcaster in Via Missioni Africane. The necessary frequencies to listen to the regional network are available on the home page of the site, while it will be possible to listen to the live broadcasting on the site The video live streaming  will be on “Lega Volley Channel”, in the site; the service isn't for free.

The match will be on the air on January 25th at 10:15pm on RTTR, partner television of the Club of Via Traner, right after the magazine “RTTR Volley”. On internet, the site Sito Lega Pallavolo Serie A ( and the site will publish every update. They will also update every news in the yellow-blue social networks ( e


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SuperLega UnipolSai 2017/18, standing before game day 17


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Trento, Sunday 25 February 2018 (PalaTrento)

hour 18:00 Diatec Trentino - Biosì Indexa Sora


Trento, Wednesday 21 February 2018 (PalaTrento)

hour 20:30 Diatec Trentino - Tonno Callipo Vibo Valent 3 - 0


Daniele De Pandis
  • De Pandis Daniele
  • 34 Years
  • 17
  • Italy
  • Libero
  • 30/06/1984
Simone Giannelli
  • Giannelli Simone
  • 22 Years
  • 9
  • Italy
  • Setter
  • 09/08/1996
Pier Paolo Partenio
  • Partenio Pier Paolo
  • 25 Years
  • 15
  • Italy
  • Setter
  • 06/02/1993
Aidan Zingel
  • Zingel Aidan
  • 28 Years
  • 11
  • Australia
  • Middle Blocker
  • 19/11/1990
Nicholas Hoag
  • Hoag Nicholas
  • 26 Years
  • 3
  • Canada
  • Spiker
  • 19/08/1992


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