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The General Manager Bruno Da Re: “It has been a complicated start of the season for us, but we still have the chance to improve”

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The General Manager Bruno Da Re during the format tv "RTTR Volley"


Trento, November 7th 2017


The seventh episode of “RTTR Volley”, the weekly TV show about Trentino Volley offered by its tv partner, saw Bruno Da Re as a guest on Monday night. Together with the presenter Sara Ravanelli, the General Manager of Trentino Volley analysed the thorny situation of Diatec Trentino.
Our mood isn’t obviously the best possible one, because we’re going through a difficult moment characterized by many defeats, which our public is not used to but either the team shouldn’t get used to – admitted the yellow-blue manager - ; We were convinced of having built a good roster, maybe not one of the same level of the ones of Perugia, Modena or Civitanova, but surely one able to win against all the other teams. We couldn’t prove or superiority versus Ravenna, Milano and Verona and this obviously left us very perplexed. What’s the solution? We can’t just rely on hard working in the gym, because our players always did it. We clearly must take action on our approach and our spirit with which we live our everyday life in the gym. Not all the seasons are the same; we complicated this one by ourselves but there’s still time to recover and play for our goals until the end. Volleyball luckily offers chances, by qualifying to the championship Play Offs, to start again even from a low position; this already happened in the past: who’s got a low ranking position can still achieve something until the end. We wanted this to happen for us as well”.
"I’d like to thank the public of PalaTrento, because encouraged us versus Verona in a moving way and never stopped believing in us –
continued Da Re - ; I felt a very proactive atmosphere in that occasion. I want to make it clear again to our supporters: this is a good team. Our roster is not weaker than Modena’s one, even if it seems a utopia now. We must believe in what we’re doing even because we already obtained our pass for the Final Four of Coppa Italia whereas our adventure in Champions League still has to begin. Angelo Lorenzetti has the whole trust of our Society and can work quietly and try to transmit serenity to his group. We will think about our assessments only when the season will be over; I’m pretty sure that what we’ve shown in this first weeks isn’t our real context and we should wait for Kovacevic to be at his best physical and technical shape”.


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