2023/2024 Season

Click here to download the complete map of BLM Group Arena

  VIP S Euro 50,00
  BEST R-T-X-Z Euro 35,00
  BEST Reduced R-T-X-Z Euro 30,00
  GRADINATA A-B-C-K-D-E-F-G-H--I-V-L-M-N Euro 28,00
  GRADINATA Reduced A-B-C-K-D-E-F-G-H--I-V-L-M-N Euro 23,00
  TRIBUNA EST Numbered sector Euro 20,00
  TRIBUNA EST REDUCED Numbered sector Euro 17,00
  CURVA SECTOR Numbered sector Euro 14,00
  CURVA SECTOR REDUCED Numbered sector Euro 12,00

REDUCTIONS. The prices will be reduced for the over 65 and the under 25 in every sector (excluded Vip).