Trento, 16 February 2019

SuperLega, on Monday the final rush of regular season starts in Verona

The postponement of the 21st round of regular season of SuperLega Credem Banca, that will see Itas Trentino playing in Verona on Monday 18th February from 8.00 p.m. for the 37th “derby dell’Adige”, will officially open the final rush of the World Champions in the championship. The run towards the Play Off Scudetto, chasing the best position possible in the ranking, has in fact scheduled another six matches for Itas Trentino, equally divided between home matches and away games. Lorenzetti’s team, currently second with one point less compared with the first team on the list, Perugia, and three points ahead compared with Civitanova, will have to obtain most points in order to defend their own position but, at the same time, try to threaten the leadership of Sir Safety Conad that, looking at the calendar, is the team that has the simplest path ahead. From here to the 24th March (last day of regular season), the team from Umbria will not face the first three pursuer, because they have other matches at the PalaBarton against Castellana Grotte, Padova and Sora and the away games against Monza, Ravenna and Milano. While Cucine Lube Civitanova will play in front of its fans, against Modena, Milano and Vibo and will have to travel to Siena, Latina and Bari. But Itas Trentino, during the final phase of SuperLega, will have to play the away matches against Verona, Busto Arsizio and Modena and the home matches against Padova, Ravenna and Monza. In order to protect one of the first three places in the ranking, important position also for the qualification to the European Cups (Champions League and CEV Cup), it will also need to watch its back from Azimut Leo Shoes that, with eight points behind Itas Trentino, could play the face-off of the second to last round at the PalaPanini, where it will also face Vibo and Monza and will also play in Civitanova, Siena and Verona. With eighteen points to be still won and the appointments of CEV during the week to be played in the meantime, anything can still happen. Get off to a good start the last period, starting from the home match against Calzedonia, would be fundamental; here’s why Itas Trentino will regularly train during the weekend that has just started, on both afternoons at the BLM Group Arena.

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