Trento, 20 October 2019

Start season 2019/20, the guide to Consar Ravenna-Itas Trentino on Sunday

The twentieth season of activity for Trentino Volley officially starts on the 20th October at Pala De Andrè in Ravenna. The reigning World Champion Company will open its SuperLega Credem Banca 2019/20 playing an away match that is valid for the first round of regular season with Consar Ravenna. The start is planned at 6 pm: live news on Radio Dolomiti and live streaming on Lega Volley Channel
HERE ITAS TRENTINO After a sixty-day-pre-champion training (most of which spent in reduced ranks) the gialloblù team is ready to start. The roster has modified only three thirteenths of its effective and it has reinforced exclusively the battery of strikers of high ball.
Angelo Lorenzetti could do only one training session with the whole team during today's afternoon at Sanbapolis gym in Trento, considering that Candellaro and Russell came back from Japan just a few days ago and then they trained exclusively in the weight room on Friday.
For this reason we take the opening match of our season with a grain of salt - said the coach of Trentino Volley the day before -. We’ve worked less together and we don’t know how Ravenna plays. What is required is a very concentrated and suitable attitude for such an appointment that won’t be easy to win. Consar started well last season surprising Milano; and we don’t want it to happen to us. We have to be mentally and technically prepared”.
In its twenty-year history, Trentino Volley rarely played the game of regular season away from home, but it now happens on Sunday: in Ravenna will only be the seventh time on twenty occasions. Moreover, considering that only in two circumstances has come the success the outcome is negative: exactly on 27 October 2013 in Ravenna (0-3) and on 28 October 2015 in Monza (3-1). More in general, the debut in the championship gave success to Trentino Volley on eleven out of nineteen occasions: in addition to the away wins already mentioned, must also be added nine wins at home: season 2002/03 (3-1 over Milano), 2008/09 (won three sets over Forlì), 2009/10 (3-1 over Latina), 2010/11 (3-0 over Castellana Grotte), 2011/12  (3-0 over Monza), 2013/14 (five wins over Latina), 2014/15 (3-0 over Padova), 2016/17 (3-0 over Vibo) and 2018/19 (3-0 over Siena).
Trentino Volley will take to the field on this occasion for the 815th official match ever and will hunt for the 570th overall victory: currently there are 298 at home and 271 away.
DEBUT IN RAVENNA AS IN 2013/14 The debut at Pala De Andrè in Ravenna is not unusual for Trentino Volley: during 2013/14 it had already happened that the gialloblù team debuted in Romagna. In that case (27 October 2013) it was the match planned for the second day regular season, but it didn’t mark the actual debut in the tournament of Trento that for commitments related to the World Club Championships, had postponed the first round at home with Latina. The memory is particularly pleasant because the Diatec Trentino won 3-0, making the debut in the first team of the seventeen year old Simone Giannelli. Klemen Cebulj, now the spiker of Itas Trentino, played in the opponent's ranks.
THE OPPOSING TEAM After the last positive season, the Consar Ravenna continues his project bringing back Marco Bonitta in the bleachers, who, in the last few years, had a leading management role in the club with the idea of revolutionize the team. Left the players of the calibre of Rychlicki, Russo, Goi, Poglajen, Raffaelli e Verhees, it was decided to count on the potentiality of the Canadian opposite hitter Vernon-Evans, on the potentiality of the Italians Recine and of Cortesia and Cavuto that they come from the youth sector of the Trentino Volley. Exactly Oreste, on Sunday, during the first match in the SuperLega as opponent of the team in which he grew up, will contend to his national team-mate Lavia a place in the first-string sextet, in which the Dutch Ter Horst (ex Verona and Piacenza) could find place. Among the many new players, it should be noted also the Slovenian libero Kovacic (silver medal in the last European Championship together with Cebulj, who is an ex), whereas as the last season we find Davide Saitta as setter (one of the few confirmed).
ALL THE PREVIOUS The one on Sunday will be the eighteenth contest between the two clubs, who started to challenge each other with continuity from the 2011/12 season. The analysis is very much in favour for the Trentino Volley (14-2), but the successes of the Consar Ravenna are quite recent: the 25th of October of 2017 for 3-0 at the Pala De André in the penultimate match played in Ravenna (instead, the last was win by the Trentino Volley for 3-1 the 9th of December of 2018) and the 3rd of February of 2016 at the tie-breaker at the BLM Group Arena. In all the other cases have arrived only successes for the Trentino Volley: for 3-1 (only three times, included the most recent in Trento on the last 7th  of January)  and for 3-0 (eleven times, included the 3-0 of the 10th of May 2019 in Trento). The Trentino volley has something in common with Ravenna: in May of 2000 the President Diego Mosna bought the rights of the Serie A1 of the Consar Ravenna, already winner of one championship and three Champions Cups in the ‘90s.
THE REFEREES The match will be directed by the couple composed by Simone Santi (first referee of the Città di Castello, Perugia – in the Serie A1 from the 1994 and in the International FIVB from the 2011) and Massimo Florian (from Treviso, in the maximum category from the 2007).  The last match with the Trentino Volley for Santi date back to the second match of the Play Off semifinal for the 2019 Championship (beated for 1-3 in Civitanova Marche the 19th of April), whereas for Florian, the last match with the Trentino Volley corresponds at the 3-1 obtained in Padova the 24th of November (championship match)
RADIO, INTERNET AND TV The match will be recounted live by Radio Dolomiti, for the eleventh consecutive season network partner of the Trentino Volley. The connections with the Romagna will be carried out inside of ‘’Dolomiti Sport Show’’, the new sports channel of the transmitter of Via Missioni Africane. The frequencies to listen to the regional network are available on the website, where can be also possible to listen to the live running commentary in streaming. Also planned the live on the streaming video on the web space ‘’Lega Volley Channel’’, on the website (paid service). On the TV the complete pre-recording of the match will be on air in prime time already on Monday, the 21st of October at 9:30 P.M on RTTR, TV partner of the club of Via Trener, and on replay at midnight of the same day. On the Internet, lastly, the updates point to point will be curated by the Lega Pallavolo Serie A ( and by the same and they always be online on the Trentino Volley’s Social Network ( and

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