Trento, 19 November 2019

The seventh round of SuperLega Credem Banca 2019/20, on Wednesday at the BLM Group Arena

SuperLega Credem Banca 2019/20 is taking the field for the seventh round of regular season that is going to be played entirely during the week. Itas Trentino is going to be one of the protagonists again in its court: the team will receive the visit of Kioene Padova on Wednesday, 20th November at the BLM Group Arena. The match will begin at 8.30pm: live coverage on Radio Dolomiti and live streaming on Lega Volley Channel at the link
Here Itas Trentino They remained unbeaten up until now, and also in the away match against Milano, that turned out  to be a 3-1 victory. Our players are now trying to go and win for the seventh time in a row, that would allow them to be nearer to the double insidious away game Modena-Latina after having collected some reassuring points.
“The first results of these days of work at a frenetic pace, during this first phase of the championship proved that each match can bring a new surprise - explained the coach Angelo Lorenzetti by presenting the match - . We must approach this match with these considerations in mind, as concentrated as possible and with the right aggressivity. we must remember how we played in Milan on Sunday and prove that the negative approach we had was just an isolated case. We are going to face a team that has already put us in a difficult spot in the past, a team that can manage every situation it is in. Kioene is a team that identifies itself well with its setter Travica, an experienced and combative players that holds the reins of the strategies and of the spikers with with personality.”
In sight of the match our coach can count on the whole roster, that will complete its preparation with a training session today early in the afternoon and one in the morning before the match.
With this match Trentino Volley will have taken the field for the 823rd time for an official match and it will try to win for the 576th time, it will eventually be its 345th victory in regular season (for a total number of 489 matches played).
Taking the field with the commemorative shirt brings back to the first challenge 19 years before… Padova is the first opponent Trentino Volley has faced within the walls of the BLM Group Arena (at the time was called PalaTrento). On 22nd October 2000, in the PalaTrento the team once called Itas Gruppo Diatec Trentino won over Padova at the tie-break during the debut match of the PalaTrento and of the team in front of its audience. To celebrate the anniversary, the Club is going to use the commemorative Erreà Sport shirt, that has been so appreciated by the public and which is quite similar to the shirt Giombini and his teammates were wearing on that occasion.
The opponents Two home losses in the last two rounds (1-3 against Perugia and 0-3 against Padova) aren’t much encouraging for Kioene Padova. Valerio Baldovin’s team is ranked seventh with six points, thanks to the wins against Vibo and Sora, teams that are also looking for a calm safety. To obtain it and maybe also get something more the Club has bought the Cuban left-handed bomber Hernandez and the talented player of area 4 Ishikawa, confirming the rest of the starting six that can count on the experience of Travica and Volpato and also on the will of emerging of Randazzo and Polo. In the roster there is also room for the Canadian spiker Barnes, that has not played much during this first phase due to some physical problems that also Randazzo accused, and the Spanish libero Danani, looking for some confirms after the great season of last year.
Previous matches The one on Wednesday is going to be the thirty-fourth official match between Trentino Volley and Pallavolo Padova, the fifth of this solar year. The previous records show that Trentino Volley is ahead with 28-5 and that it has lost just one time in a home match out of seventeen occasions (on 7th November 2004, 1-3). The loss Trentino Volley suffered during match 2 of the quarterfinals of Play Off Scudetto on 7th April in an home match for Kioene Padova interrupted the long row of twenty-one consecutive wins. Before this match (0-3), Padova never won against Trento for fourteen years. The last challenge favoured Itas Trentino: 3-0 on 13th April in match 3, with Russell as the mvp, with 76% attack efficiency and 16 points, as many as Kovacevic did.
The referees The match will be directed by Giuliano Venturi (first referee of Torino, in A Serie since 2007) and by Andrea Pozzato (second referee of Bolzano, in A Serie since 2004). The last time Venturi directed a Trentino Volley’s match (his second time directing a match in this season of SuperLega) was on 22th March (Trento-Monza, 3-1), whereas for Pozzato (third match in this championship) the most recent meeting has been on 21st February 2018 (Trento-Vibo Valentia 3-0).
Radio, internet and TV Radio Dolomiti, Trentino Volley’s broadcast partner, will guarantee live and integral coverage. The linking with the BLM Group Arena will be made inside the “Dolomiti Sport Show”, the new sport program of the radio. The frequencies to connect with the regional network are to be found on the website, where it is also possible to listen to the live streaming radio commentary.
It is also possible to stream the match live on “Lega Volley Channel”, at the link (paid service).
The whole deferred coverage is going to be tv broadcasted already on Thursday, 21st November at 4pm on RTTR Channel, Trentino Volley’s TV partner.
On the internet each point is going to be updated by the web site of the Italian A Serie volleyball league, Lega Pallavolo Serie A ( and by and will always be available on Trentino Volley’s social medias ( and
Tickets and merchandising The presale of tickets for the match against Padova is opened until Wednesday at 4pm in Trentino Volley’s offices at the BLM Group Arena as well as in Promoevent’s one in via Suffragio 10 in Trento and anytime by clicking at the link The tickets are going to be available also at the cash registers at the BLM Group Arena that will be opened starting from 7.30pm, at the same time also the entrances to the arena will be opened.
Inside, behind the north bleachers, the fans will find Trentino Volley’s merchandising point, where a wide range of items are on sale, including the new commemorative shirts.

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