Trento, 20 March 2020

Vettori to RTTR: "I re-watch old matches to keep the mind trained’’

‘’The Club, myself and my teammates, we are very confident about the future, we hope that somehow the championship can get back and so the season can be completed – admitted the opposite hitter of Trentino Volley Luca Vettori this morning during an interview on Skype at ‘’Via Zanella1’’, programme broadcasted in the morning on RTTR - . In the meantime we are ‘’harbouring’’ this wait at home, worrying about the nutrition and doing the exercises that the physiotherapist and the sports trainer have recommended for this period. There is another way to train, that is to watch the matches on video, so that we can keep the mind active on the technical gestures that has to be done correctly and carry out a self-assessment on what has been done so far. An interesting experience that tries, somehow, to replace the real training at  the gym. We are all here in Trento for a sense of responsibility and because Trentino is an excellence in managing the emergency. It would be great if we could start again, like I hear, in about ten days at least as far as the activity in the weight room, but obviously this is just a hope that must be confirmed by the authorities. I ‘’fight’’ the distance from my family by using the social network and contact them but also for calling my teammates. Then, I read also a lot of books and I prepare some content for ‘’Brodo di Becchi’’, the webradio created with Matteo Piano’’.

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