Trento, 31 May 2020

Candellaro: ''Me, Grebennikov and the bagherone before the final of the Club World Cup...'

After the President Mosna and the team captain Simone Giannelli, also Davide Candellaro has been the protagonist, during the afternoon of Saturday, May 30, of a lovely talk face to face with Lorenzo Dallari. The interview has been broadcasted live on the personal Instagram profile of the journalist and has allowed the fans to know something more about the  last two seasons of the Venetian middle hitter with the Trentino Volley's shirt.
''Trento represented for me a period of change in my career of professional player, especially in the way of being in the field but also in the way of training - explained - . Thanks also to the coach I've taken every opportunity to try to improve and get the most out of the energies that I had in my body. I've learned to live better also with the group, because what we have built in the last two years has been important. An example, the hilarious and unforgettable dinner in Instanbul after winning the Final of the 2019 Cev Cup''.
''The 2018 Club World Cup has been the most beautiful moment experienced in Trento until now - continued Candellaro - . We started as outsiders, but gradually we've become more and more convinced of our means: we had fun, we played always good and we managed to overturn the predicitons. But connected to that event there is antoher particular memory, for which even today I'm being ridiculed nicely by my teammates. During the morning training before the final with Civitanova I even managed to hurt my ankle, fortunately not in a serious way. All beacuse of the competition that had arisen between me and Grebennikov during the classic bagherone; I didn't want to lose and so, to recover a ball in that circumstance, I slightly hurt myself. All this happened also in front of the eyes of the President Mosna who was just arrived in Czestochowa. Anyway, I played and after I thought: If I have to hurt myself to then become World Champion, I do it willingly every time.''

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