Trento, 12 September 2020

The 2020/21 season starts with Del Monte® Supercoppa:

On Sunday 13 September at the BLM Group Arena the twenty-first of activity of Trentino Volley officially begins. The Gialloblù Club will make its home debut within the BLM Group Arena, hosting Cucine Lube Civitanova in the first leg semifinal of Del Monte® Supercoppa 2020. The kickoff is at 18: live coverage on Radio Dolomiti and live streaming on Lega Volley Channel at
HERE ITAS TRENTINO After over six months of waiting, the gialloblù team will play an official match, starting from the game against the same team with which it had played the last match before the lockdown, Civitanova. This time the team was changed for nine thirteenth, transforming a sextet that over the course of sixty-nine days of preparation (Gianelli and teammates have been training since last July 5th) has tried to improve its working. At least for this first match the new version of Itas Trentino that will be presented in front of its audience will still be partial: both Lucarelli and Lisinac will be kept carefully at rest, to allow them a total physical recovery. Then, in place 4 diagonally to Kooy, Angelo Lorenzetti will use the younger Alessandro Michieletto, while in the center with Podrascanin (double outgoing champion with Perugia) there will be Cortesia, as happened in the last test played on Wednesday afternoon in Modena.
“We know perfectly that Civitanova is a team with great champions; compared to last season it has changed the setter, but it has done it by picking another great talent like De Cecco and so its level will remain similar – this is how the coach of Itas Trentino Angelo Lorenzetti presents the appointment - . To win against this stronger opponent over the two matches we need to play a very effective volleyball, but we are preparing for a long time and we have all our desire to return to official competitions after a long wait”.
The gialloblù team will complete the match preparation, undergoing a training this afternoon at the BLM Group Arena and the classic finish on Sunday morning. The twenty-first season of activity of Trentino Volley begins with the 846^ official match in its history, the 389^ in front of its audience who saw it play for the last time on March 2nd: 3-0 on Sora.
ELEVENTH PARTICIPATION IN THE SUPERCOPPA IN THE HISTORY OF TRENTINO VOLLEY The one that starts this Sunday will be the eleventh participation in the Italian Supercoppa of Trentino Volley. In this event the Company of via Trener has ten precedents; in addition to the final fourth places recorded in the 2016 and 2017 editions (played respectively in Modena and Civitanova), to the third place obtained in 2019 in Civitanova and to the second obtained in Perugia in 2018, the precedents in the event are linked to the matches of 2008 (0-3 with Lube), Torino 2010 (0-3 with Cuneo), Cagliari 2011 (3-1 with Cuneo), Modena 2012 and 2015 (2-3 with Macerata and 2-3 with the hosts) and Trento 2013 (3-0 always with Macerata): two wins out of ten appearances. The participation in the semifinal will lead Trentino Volley to improve its leadership in the history of this competition: in fact, no club has ever before taken part in so many finals within a few years. Treviso, for example, had been the protagonist five times over six consecutive seasons, in that case between 1996 (edition number 1) and 2001.
THE OPPONENTS Cucine Lube Civitanova, winner of the only trophy awarded in 2020 (the Italian Cup), shows up in Trento always under the guidance of Ferdinando De Giorgi and with five changes in its team compared to last season. The most important change is without any doubt the one that concerns the leadership; in place of the Brazilian Bruno, who has returned to his homeland, De Cecco has been hired, who, during this first part of preparation, has already taken over the team also through several unofficial test matches played in recent weeks. The Argentine will manage an attack potential once again of first order, which can count on the physicality of Leal, Simon and Rychlicki and on the great expierence and continuity at high levels of Juantorena. The other certainties have the name of the central Anzani and the libero Balaso, in his third season with the team shirt.
PRECEDENTS In the archive Trento and Civitanova have already seventy-three direct comparisons; only Modena, with seventy-four, until today has more with Trentino Volley but the Emilians will be reached in this particular ranking on Sunday. The ranking is in favor of Marche for 41-32, thanks also to the twenty wins over twenty-two matches. The match with Lube has become a pleasant habit in Supercoppa, just think that the two teams have faced each other in the competition already four times and in five circumstances in the last twelve months, taking into account the challenges played between the regular season, the Italian Cup and the Champions League. Moreover, on Sunday we will start from where we left off: Cucine Lube Civitanova-Itas Trentino 3-2 of the 8th March (match valid for the twenty-third day of SuperLega) was, in fact, the last official match played by the two Clubs before the lockdown. 
THE REFEREES The match will be arbitrated by Roberto Boris (of Pavia – in Serie A from 1997 and international from 2010) and by Andrea Puecher (of Padova - in role since 2003 and international since 2013). The last precedent for Boris compared to Trentino Volley was the 23 January (win in three sets in Milan in the single match of the quarter-finals of the 2020 Italian Cup), while Puecher has arbitrated Lube-Trento 3-2 of 22 Februar in Bologna (semifinal of the same competion).
ROLL OF HONOR OF ITALIAN SUPERCOPPA The one that starts on Sunday will be the twenty-five edition of Italian Supercoppa. In the roll of honor of the event there is Treviso with seven wins, followed by Cuneo, Lube and Modena (outgoing champion) with four, then Trento and Perugia with two, Piacenza with one.
THE FORMULA As in the recent past, Del Monte® Supercoppa will be competed by the four best teams in the last standings of the 2019/20 SuperLega regular season. But the formula of qualifying for the Final changes, which will be played at the Arena of Verona on Friday, 25 September at 21. The semifinal will have a first and second match, with the same regolation applied in the Champions League playoffs; only if the two teams have both won a match each at the tie break or if they have both won a match each in a maximum of four sets, will the Golden set of 15 be played at the end of the second game. The other semifinal is Perugia-Modena.
RADIO, INTERNET AND TV The match will have live and full coverage from Radio Dolomiti, media partner of Trentino Volley. The connections with BLM Group Arena will be made through the voice of Stefano Piffer and Andrea Cobbe. The frequencies to tune into the regional network are on the website, where you can listen the commentary live streaming. There will also be the video live streaming on the “Lega Volley Channel”, at (paid service). In tv the full match will will be broadcast on Monday 14 September at 21.30 on RTTR, tv partner of the Company of via Trener. On Internet the minute by minute updates will be made by the Lega Pallavolo Serie A website( and by and they will be always active on the gialloblù Social Network (,  and
THE RULES FOR ACCESSING THE BLM GROUP ARENA For this appointment, thanks to the active collaboration established with the Autonomous Province of Trento, the APSS and the Civil Protection, Trentino Volley will be able to bring in a thousand spectators in the stands of the Via Fersina stadium. On Sunday, 13 September, the box offices will will remain closed to avoid gatherings; all tickets still available can be purchased Sunday morning (9-12) at the Trentino Volley offices, in via Trener 2 in Trento. Each ticket holder must present the Covid-19 prevention self-declaration at the entrance to the match, which can be replaced by the Immuni App. At the entrance to the BLM Group Arena, the security officers will measure your temperature; if higher than 37.5 ° the person must stay in a dedicated reserved place before being checked again. Spectators will have to respect the routes marked out for access. During the entire stay in the BLM Group Arena it is mandatory to wear a mask and it will be forbidden to bring any type of banners, flags or other items inside. The expected interpersonal distance within the facility is 1.5 meters; groups of people not subject to distancing (cohabitants) will be exempt. The spectator will not be able to leave the seat except to go to the toilets. At the end of the game there can be no contact between the audience and the players. The outflow must take place in an orderly manner, avoiding gatherings and following the orders that will be given by the speaker and the control staff.

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