Trento, 19 February 2021

SuperLega, at the start of the Play Off with the preliminary round

After a week pause, the championship of SuperLega Credem Banca 2020/21 returns this weekend to play the first act (of three) of the preliminary round of the Play Off Scudetto 2021. Between Saturday 20 and Sunday 21, it will be played match 1 of the last sixteen on three fields, a phase that has involved the qualified formations between the sixth and eleventh place in the ranking of regular season.
Itas Trentino will not play, waiting to know the name of the opponent to face in the quarterfinals (series at the best of the three matches, that begins on 10 March), which will emerge from the match between Piacenza and Padova, a confrontation that is organized on three matches, and starts on Sunday in Emilia. Instead, the other two matches, Modena-Ravenna and Milano-Verona, will determine the formations that will be challenged in the next round respectively by Perugia and Civitanova.

The complete program of the preliminary round (or last sixteen):
Saturday 20 February 2021
at 17.00: Leo Shoes Modena–Consar Ravenna (live Eleven Sports)
Sunday 21 February 2021
at 17.00: Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza–Kioene Padova (live Eleven Sports)
at 18.00: Allianz Milano–NBV Verona (live RAI Sport +)

Saturday 27 February 2021
at 20.30: Consar Ravenna–Leo Shoes Modena (live Eleven Sports)
Sunday 28 February 2021
at 18.00: Kioene Padova–Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza (live RAI Sport +)
at 19.30: NBV Verona–Allianz Milano (live Eleven Sports)

Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 March 2021

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