Trento, 19 July 2021

Market, the operations are concluded and the current yellow-blue team for the next season

At 12 of today it’s concluded the time for the sign-up of athletes of the thirteen companies enrolled at the SuperLega Credem Banca 2021/22.
Trentino Volley makes official the concluded negotiations:

Daniele Albergati (opposite spiker), Sa.Ma. Portomaggiore
Oreste Cavuto (spiker), Top Volley Cisterna
Wout D'Heer (middle blocker), Lindemans Aalst
Matey Kaziyski (spiker), NBV Verona
Daniele Lavia (spiker), Leo Shoes Modena
Giulio Pinali (opposite spiker), Consar Ravenna
Riccardo Sbertoli (setter), Allianz Milano
Julian Zenger (libero), Berlin Recycling Volleys – Germany

Nimir Abdel-Aziz (opposite spiker), Leo Shoes Modena
Andrea Argenta (opposite spiker), Rinascita Lagonegro
Lorenzo Cortesia (middle blocker), Verona Volley – yearly loan
Simone Giannelli (setter), Sir Safety Conad Perugia
Dick Kooy (spiker)
Ricardo Lucarelli (spiker), Cucine Lube Civitanova
Salvatore Rossini (libero), Leo Shoes Modena
Luis Sosa Sierra (spiker), Lindaren Volley Amriswil - Switzerland

The current team for the sport season 2021/22:
Setters: Riccardo Sbertoli and Lorenzo Sperotto
Opposite spikers: Giulio Pinali and Daniele Albergati
Spikers: Oreste Cavuto, Matey Kaziyski (Bul), Daniele Lavia, and Alessandro Michieletto
Middle blockers: Wout D'Heer (Bel), Srecko Lisinac (Srb) and Marko Podrascanin (Srb)
Libero: Carlo De Angelis and Julian Zenger (Ger)
Coaches: Angelo Lorenzetti (1°) and Francesco Petrella (2°).

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