Trento, 26 November 2021

BLM Group Arena, flu vaccine for the yellow-blue in the second day off

Two days off before getting back to train in the weekend and to start preparing the important international appointments that await Trentino Itas in the first part of December. Returning on Thursday at noon from Taranto, Itas Trentino gets back to train on Saturday after relaxing for two days. The rest window, longer than what is usually granted by the technical staff, was made possible above all by the absence of official matches during the upcoming weekend.
Trento is indeed the only formation to not play games during the ninth round of SuperLega Credem Banca 2021/22. Anyway, today morning the team met at the BLM Group Arena to receive the flu vaccination, in collaboration with the APSS of Trento and done by Doctor Biondo (Director of public health and hygiene), with the supervision of Doctor Ferro (General Manager). After acting as testimonial in the anti Covid-19 vaccination campaign, Trentino Volley took the field also for the flu vaccination campaign #iomivaccino. Getting vaccinated is the most secure and efficient way to prevent the flu, an illness that can have severe effects on your health.

Trentino Volley Srl
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