Betim (Brazil), 07 December 2022

Club World Championship, 2022 edition starts in Betim

The 2022 edition of the Club World Championship kicks off today, Wednesday, December 7th, and will again take place in Betim, Brazil. Trentino Volley (with the official name of Trentino Itas that will be adopted for the entire event) will be the protagonist for the tenth time in its history of this international tournament, included in Pool B (group stage). The yellow-blue club lineup will play its two first-phase matches on Thursday, December 8th at 10 p.m. Italian time (against Iranians Paykan Tehran) and Friday, December 9th at 10:15 p.m. Italian time (against Itambé Minas, the hosts). Both will be broadcast live on Sky Sport Arena and live streamed on the OTT Volleyball World Tv platform.
THE GAME FORMULA The 2022 Club World Cup consists of a first group stage and a subsequent Final Four. In the first phase, the six participating teams are divided into two pools; in Group A were drawn Perugia and the two Brazilian teams Sada Cruzeiro and Volei Renata, while the Group B included Trentino Itas, Paykan Tehran (Iran) and Itambé Minas (Brazil). The top two finishers in each group qualify for the semifinals.
THE FULL SCHEDULE (Italian times). Wednesday, December 7th: at 10 p.m. Itambé Minas-Paykan Club.  Thursday, December 8th: at 1 p.m. Sada Cruzeiro-Vôlei Renata, at 10 p.m. Trentino Itas-Paykan Club. Friday, December 9th: at 1 a.m. Vôlei Renata-Sir Safety Susa Perugia, at 10:15 p.m. Itambe Minas-Trentino Itas. Saturday, December 10th: at 1:15 a.m. Sada Cruzeiro-Sir Safety Susa Perugia, at 10:15 p.m.: first semifinal. Sunday, December 11th: at 1:15 a.m.: second semifinal, at 5 p.m.: Final for third place, at 8 p.m.: Final for the 2022 World title.
HERE TRENTINO ITAS The yellow-blue team lineup presents itself only without Cavuto (still in the list, but not available due to an abdominal injury he had a couple of weeks ago) for the second international appointment of its season; and Trentino Itas does so after having perfectly recovered in the last few days from the time zone change and the fatigue derived from a trip that lasted, between Monday and Tuesday, almost twenty-four hours to get to Brazil.
"The Club World Championship has always been an event that Trentino Volley particularly cares about and a good part of this group has already played it at least once,"
pointed out coach Angelo Lorenzetti presenting the appointment, he continues ”We will try to do our best to obtain another prestigious and important result; the first goal must be to qualify for the semifinals, a goal that cannot be taken for granted because the participants in this edition are even more competitive than in the past. We are here to have our say."
In the previous nine participations of the Club World Championship, the debut has been favorable in no less than eight occasions; the only negative memory was in the 2014 edition (0-3 defeat to Al-Rayan). Positive precedents, on the other hand, are related to 3-1 to Zamalek in the 2009 edition, 3-0 to Dynamo Moscow in the 2010 one, 3-0 to Al Ahly in 2011, 3-2 to Al-Rayyan in 2012, 3-1 to Kalleh in 2013, 3-0 to Minas Tenis Clube in 2016, 3-0 to Ardakan in 2018, 3-0 to Foolad in 2021. Among the Yellow-blue team there are five players making their debut in the Club World Championship: Džavoronok, Pace, Berger, Depalma and Laurenzano. On the other hand, Captain Kaziyski is the one who has played the most: 6, with four victories all for the yellow-blue club (between 2009 and 2012); Cavuto, Lisinac and Nelli are the other athletes who can boast one success (in 2018).
TRENTINO VOLLEY'S HISTORY IN INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIONS What will start on Thursday, in Brazil, is the tenth overall adventure in the Club World Championship for Trentino Volley, which can already boast five victories in this competition (the one achieved on November 8th, 2009, the one on December 21st, 2010, the one on October 14th, 2011, the one on October 19, 2012 - all in Doha - and the one on December 2nd, 2018 in Czestochowa) and three third places (all in Betim: 2013, 2016 and 2021) with an enviable line-up, consisting of thirty-six victories in forty-two matches played overall. Only in the 2014 edition (ended with a fifth place) Trento failed to reach the podium. The 2022 Club World Championship is the twenty-third extra-national event in the history of the Street Trener club: the total must count also the twelve participations in the Champions League itself (won three times between 2009 and 2011), the double European experience of the 2004/05 season, first in the Top Teams Cup (where it was eliminated by the Dutch of Ortec Nesselande Rotterdam in the preliminary phase played at PalaTrento) and in the CEV Cup, where it was excluded because of the Turks of the Halbank Ankara team, those of 2015/16, 2016/17 (second place behind Moscow and behind Tours) and 2018/19 (final victory) also in the CEV Cup. In total, there are 200 matches played in international events by Trentino Volley, of which 161 have been won and 39 lost.
FIRST Opponent: PAYKAN TEHERAN (December 8th, 10 p.m.)  The team from Iran's capital, founded in 1967 as a branch of the Paykan Tehran Sports Club (which includes other branches such as football and basketball), is one of the most prestigious in the entire Asian volleyball scene; confirming this are the many international victories (recent and not) it has achieved throughout its history. Indeed, the Palmares can count on eight Asian Champions League (the last one won last May thanks to a 3-2 win in the final over the Sunbirds team from Japan) and twelve national titles (the last one in 2015). This will be his fourth participation in the international event, in which he has already collected a third place (in 2010, when the tournament was held in Doha) and two fourth places (2009 and 1015). With Trentino Volley it boasts two official matches, referring precisely to its first two experiences in Qatar for the Club World Championship: November 7th, 2009 and December 20th, 2010. In both cases, the yellow-blue team won three sets in matches that were valid for the semifinals of the competition. The outstanding players in the group coached by Peyman Akbari (former Iran coach) will be: Iranian national team opposite Esmaeilnezhad, hitters Zarini (a historical player of the club, already featured in previous editions of the World Cup) and Fayazi (former Kalleh player), Tashakori as middle player. The roster: 1. Reza Sarlak Amir (middle-blocker), 2. Amirhossein Saberi Joshaghani (setter), 5. L. Mohammad Fallah Zarchoub (middle-blocker), 7. Hamzeh Zarini (outside-hitter), 8. Mohammadreza Hazratpourtalatappeh (libero), 9. Ali Shafiei (middle-blocker), 10. Amin Esmaeilnezhad (opposite), 11. Armin Afshin Far (outside-hitter), 13. Reza Mashhadi Seyed Mohammad (outside-hitter), 14. Reza Aslani (libero), 16. Armin Tashakkori (middle-blocker), 17. D. Purya Fayazi (outside-hitter), 18. Taher Vadi Mohammad (setter), 20. Reza Rezaei Topragh Ghale. Coach: Akbari Peyman.
SECOND Opponent: ITAMBE' MINAS (December 9th, 10:15 p.m.) A club from Belo Horizonte, it is among the country's leading multi-sport clubs, boasting excellently developed branches not only in volleyball (women's and men's) but also in sports such as basketball, five-a-side football, swimming, judo and tennis. The volleyball branch, however, remains among the most important, taking into account that Minas team has been active (women's and men’s) at a high level in this discipline since the 1970s. Its team is one of the few to have always taken part in the men's Brazilian SuperLiga since the league's birth (1994/95 season). It can count no less than 7 national titles in its trophy cabinet (only Sada has won that many), but its last success dates back to the 2006/07 tournament, when then teams from São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and the cousins of Sada Cruzeiro (winner of the last title, overcoming Minas in the final and included in Pool A of the Club World Championship) began to dominate the scene. At the international level, it can boast two victories in a row in the South American Championships (1984 and 1985); in this very competitive in the last edition it finished second always behind Sada, thus earning qualification to the World Cup even so. The most outstanding individualities of the current roster, coached by coach Nery Tambeiro, are the experienced setter Wilian Arjona (who has often worn the Selecao jersey), the hitter is Honorato; but above all the opposite player Leandro Vissotto, former Trentino Volley player between 2008 and 2010 (90 appearances and 1,362 points with the yellow-blue team), winning two Champions Leagues, a Club World Championship and an Italian Championship. There is already one official game on record: October 19th, 2016 3-0 win by the then Trentino Diatec in a match similar to the one that will be played on Friday. The roster: 1. Luis Elian Estrada Mazorra (s), 3. Geovani De Camargo Souza Kelvi (middle-blocker), 4. Rhendrick Resley Rosa (setter), 6. Paulo Vinicios Ferreira da Silva (outside-hitter), 7. William Arjona (setter), 8. Leandro Neves Vissotto (opposite), 10. Matheus Bispo dos Santo (middle-blocker), 11. Henrique Ferreira Meireles Guimaraes (outside-hitter), 14. Edson Junio Souza da Paixao (middle-blocker), 15. Reis Nascimento Maique, 17. André Henrique Goncalves Saliba (opposite), 18. Henrique Dantas Nobrega Honorato (outside-hitter), 19. Arthur Bento Buczmiejuk (outside-hitter), 20. Marcus Vinicius Evangelista Coelho (outside-hitter). Coach: Junior Nery Pereira Tambeiro.
THE REFEREES The FIVB has made official the roster of six referees called upon to manage the games, but without disclosing the designations for individual matches. The list includes: Anderson Cacador from Brazil, the Dominican Denny Francisco Cespedes Lassi, Walter Hugo Vera Mechan from Peru, the Uruguayan Denis Fabian Carbajal Mozzo, Hector Ortiz and Mexican Luis Gerardo Macias both from Puerto Rico. The latter two are the only ones who were also named in the previous edition.
MEDIA Sky Sport will be the television that will broadcast the 2022 Club World Championship live and exclusively. Italy's leading satellite network has secured the rights to the event and will show the matches of Sir Safety Perugia and Trentino Itas live on the Sky Sport Arena channel, which can be viewed on any type of device thanks to the SkyGo and Now apps. All matches of the tournament will then also be broadcast live video streaming on the OTT platform "Volleyball World Tv," the same one that broadcasts SuperLega; the service is pay-per-view. More information on the use of the same can be found at On the Internet, moreover, point-to-point updates will be taken care of by the website dedicated by the Fivb to the event (, and by and will always be active on the yellow-blue’s team social networks (, and

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