Cisterna di Latina (Latina), 15 January 2023

Cisterna, Lorenzetti: "It could have been foreseeable to get to play the tie break"

"It could have been foreseeable to get to play the tie break, both because of the value of the opponent, that has often offered great performances at home, and because we were coming from a long, midweek away match; on the other hand, our too soft approach to the match was less foreseeable.”, explained Itas Trentino coach Angelo Lorenzetti at the end of the match “We certainly have some softenings, but we still had to start this match differently especially because in this championship nobody gives you anything and the results emerged today and also on the other courts prove it. We absolutely have to change gears from this point of view."
Itas Trentino will return to Trento in the early afternoon on Monday and from Tuesday morning will start preparing the next game, also an away match, scheduled for Saturday, January 21st at 6 p.m. in Civitanova Marche on the court of Cucine Lube (16th round of the regular season).

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