Trento, 28 October 2023

SuperLega, first home match of the season is painful but winning

The return of the tricolour Mondoflex (the mat on which the winners of the last Scudetto play their home matches) to its own ground seven years after the last time it was used provided Italian champions Itas Trentino with a painful but well-deserved victory.
After the two points forfeited last Sunday in Cisterna di Latina in the debut of the SuperLega Credem Banca 2023/24, the yellow-blue tonight got as many for their own ranking, securing the home advantage in the second round of the regular season against Gioiella Prisma Taranto, again on a tie-break.
Playing their first match of the season in front of their home crowd in Trento's Il Quotidiano Arena, Soli's team played a very similar game to the one they had played six days earlier in Cisterna di Latina. After a scorching start, the yellow-blue were forced to succumb to their opponents' serving and attacking prowess, losing 2-1 thanks to Russell's hitting (28 personal points) and a block-defensive set up with great success by the hosts.In the most difficult moment of the fourth set (17-21), only a series of Michieletto's serves and a resurgent Rychlicki (MVP and top scorer with 23 points and 60% at the net, topped by two blocks) could restore the right energy. Trento won on the advantages in this partial and dominated the next one, closing strongly in their favour in the second tie-break of the season. Two useful points for the standings and five break-in sets also with a view to the forthcoming Italian Supercup Final Four, where Podrascanin's fine performance should also be highlighted: 14 points, just like Lavia, on his 100th appearance for the Via Trener club.

Below is the scoreboard of the advance of the second day of the regular season of SuperLega Credem Banca 2023/24 played this evening at the ilT quotidiano Arena in Trento.

Itas Trentino-Gioiella Prisma Taranto 3-2
(25-16, 23-25, 18-25, 26-24, 15-8)
ITAS TRENTINO: Sbertoli 4, Lavia 14, Podrascanin 14, Michieletto 19, Rychlicki 23, Kozamernik 9, Laurenzano (L); Nelli 1, Acquarone, Cavuto. N.e. D'Heer, Pace, Berger Magalini. All. Fabio Soli.
GIOIELLA PRISMA: Lanza 12, Alletti 6, Russell 28, Gutierrez 11, Jendryk 9, Trinidad DeHaro, Rizzo (L); Raffaelli 3, Sala, Bonacchi 1. N.e. Gargiulo, Luzzi, Ekstrand, Paglialunga. All. Vincenzo Mastrangelo
REFEREE: Vagni of Perugia and Rossi of Ventimiglia (Imperia).
SET LENGTH: 23', 29', 27', 31', 14'; tot 2h 4'.
NOTES: 2,238 spectators, for a takings of 20,749 euro. Itas Trentino: 11 blocks, 4 ace, 16 serve errors, 10 action errors, 55% in attack, 59% (41%) in reception. Gioiella Prisma: 5 blocks, 9 aces, 15 serve errors, 8 action errors, 45% attack, 43% (30%) reception. Mvp Rychlicki.

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