Trento, 06 December 2023

Sbertoli: "More than the victories, how they came is what matters"

“Beyond the many wins achieved in the championship in this early part of the season, we are happy with how far we’ve come and how we’ve played; – explained Itas Trentino setter, Riccardo Sbertoli, live on Radio Dolomiti, where he was a studio guest – we’ll lose eventually, of course, but we don't think about it now and we hold on to what we have achieved so far. Compared to the previous season, something has definitely changed, also because some players are different, but 80% of this team has matured recent experiences together that allow us to handle anything that could happen during a normal week of training and matches.”
“I'm not superstitious, so I don't say this just to ward off the appointment, but the PalaPanini in Modena is always one of the most challenging courts of the entire season due to the atmosphere, history, and the opponent you face. – continued the yellow-blue setter - So, on Sunday, we'll have to be ready for a tough battle. We haven't studied the characteristics of Valsa Group in depth yet, but we know that in front of their home crowd, they will have something more than usual. Personally, in this early part of the season, I tried to focus on myself and building a connection with the new teammates at the level of game understanding; now I’ll try to maintain the positive energy that this streak of eight consecutive victories has undoubtedly created. With Rychlicki, for example, we quickly found the best ball for him; starting from the premise that we had the same idea and the desire to confront each other in a useful way, there were never any problems. The last point of the Scudetto Final? At that moment, I thought that with all the strong and skilled attackers we had, I would probably be the last one Civitanova’s block would pay attention to: and it went well. It was the perfect concluding moment.”

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