Berlin (Germany), 21 February 2024

Champions League, gialloblù dominant in Berlin

The run into the final table of the 2024 CEV Champions League began with a peremptory victory in Germany for Trentino Itas. Wednesday evening the Italian champions conquered the Max Schmeling Halle in Berlin in the first leg of the quarter-finals against the hosts, Recycling Volleys.
It was a 3-0 win that wasn’t in doubt at any point during the match and definitely promising in view of the return match, scheduled for 29 February, in which the Gialloblù will only need to win two sets to gain, for the eighth time in their history, the pass to the semi-finals of the top continental Club trophy. The team coached by Fabio Soli earned this important advantage thanks to a convincing and effective performance, capable of putting the Germans up against the wall from the very first exchanges, overwhelmed by the great Italian offensive productivity, especially in area 4. Italian setters Lavia and Michieletto shined in particular, respectively scoring 21 and 19 points with outstanding percentages (67% for Daniele, 70% for Michieletto) that effectively prevented Berlin from any kind of reply. The MVP award went to the Calabrian attacker also for a higher number of aces (4 compared to Alessandro's two, who, however, had more blocks: 1-2), but on closer inspection it was the whole team that played very well, conceding nothing to the opponents (scoring just one block and one ace in three sets).

Below is the scoreboard of the first leg of the 2024 CEV Champions League quarter-final match, played Wednesday evening at the Max Schmeling Halle in Berlin.

Berlin Recycling Volleys-Trentino Itas 0-3
(18-25, 17-25, 17-25)
BERLIN RECYCLING VOLLEYS: Tille, Schott 6, Tammemaa 2, Sotola 9, Carle 6, Stalekar 1, Tsuiki (L); Dervisaj, Malescha, Mote 4, Kessel 1, Krick 2. N.e. Kowalski, Taht. Coach: Joel Banks.
TRENTINO ITAS: Podrascanin 4, Sbertoli 2, Lavia 21, Kozamernik 9, Rychlicki 9, Michieletto 19, Laurenzano (L); Nelli 1. N.e. D'Heer, Cavuto, Pace, Berger, Magalini, Acquarone. Coach: Fabio Soli.
REFEREES: Ovuka from Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina) and Sikanjic from Vaduz (Liechtenstein).
SET LENGTH: 24', 23', 22'; tot: 1h and 9'.
NOTES: 6,847 spectators. Berlin Recycling Volleys: 1 block, 1 ace, 7 serve errors, 3 action errors, 44% attack, 58% (37%) reception. Trentino Itas: 9 blocks, 8 aces, 16 serve errors, 4 action errors, 59% attack, 57% (28%) reception. MVP: Lavia.

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