Trento, 17 April 2024

Play Off, the 3rd Place Final gets off on the right foot: Itas Trentino overcomes Milano

To get as close as possible to the Champions League Final, but also to take part in the 2025 edition. Itas Trentino started the Play Off Final series for the 3rd place this evening at the T quotidiano Arena with a hard-fought but well-deserved victory over Allianz Milano, which gives them a first promising step towards qualification for the highest continental trophy (guaranteed to whoever wins three of the five scheduled games).
The 3-2 victory over the Milanese team in a comeback was once again the result of the pride and character that the Italian champions have shown throughout the previous forty-three matches of the current season. Despite Lavia's recent absence (rectus abdominis injury, in addition to the long-standing injury to Sbertoli, who was also on the bench today), Soli's team found the right size to adequately tackle the challenge and regain the victory they had been missing for ten days. Milan, deprived of Kaziyski (also out with an injury), was able to take better advantage of the match, taking advantage of the yellow-blue’s difficulties in building the game, but after finding themselves ahead 1-2, even in a daring way (Trento won the third set 8-3, then lost 23-25), they suffered the comeback of the hosts. The comeback came through the hands of Rychlicki (21 points with four blocks and 57% at the net: mvp), Michieletto (17), and Magalini, who quickly got into the match mood, as evidenced by his 19 points with two blocks and an ace. It was precisely the block that was able to help the Italian champions get back on track, scoring 16 times and increasingly containing the Reggers and Ishikawa duo (44 points between the two), on a day when batting only provided two aces. From this point of view, of vital importance was the contribution at the net of the usual Kozamernik (4 blocks), but also of Podrascanin and Acquarone (2).

Below is the scoreboard of Game 1 of the Final 3rd Place Play Off Credem Banca 2024 played tonight at the ilT quotidiano Arena.

Itas Trentino-Allianz Milan 3-2
(23-25, 25-18, 23-25, 25-19, 15-11)
ITAS TRENTINO: Acquarone 4, Michieletto 17, Kozamernik 9, Rychlicki 21, Magalini 19, Podrascanin 8, Laurenzano (L); Sbertoli, Pace. N.e. Nelli, D'Heer, Cavuto, Berger, Garcia. All. Fabio Soli.
ALLIANZ: Mergarejo Hernandez 8, Vitelli 5, Porro 2, Ishikawa 20, Loser 10, Reggers 24, Catania (L); Zonta, Dirlic, Piano 1. N.e. Kaziyski, Starace, Innocenzi, Colombo. All. Roberto Piazza.
REFEREE: Giardini of Verona and Puecher of Rubano (Padua).
SET LENGTH: 28', 26', 28', 27', 17'; tot 2h 6'.
NOTES: 1,830 spectators, for a takings of 13,115 euro. Itas Trentino: 16 blocks, 2 ace, 18 serve errors, 10 action errors, 47% attack, 42% (16%) reception. Allianz: 7 blocks, 8 aces, 22 serve errors, 8 action errors, 43% attack, 43% (14%) reception. Mvp Rychlicki.

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