Milan, 20 April 2024

Milano, Soli after game 2: "We did not take the opportunity"

"It was an important opportunity to turn the series in our favour and we did not take it, showing too much of a wait-and-see attitude ," explained coach Fabio Soli at the end of the match " . When physical energies are limited you can't afford it, you have to approach the match better; we changed gear only when our backs were against the wall, in the fourth set. It is a demonstration that we have the means, but we had to put them on the court earlier. Now we have to think about game 3, which will be an important watershed in the series, but everything has to start from the mentality, knowing that the details will make the difference. We have to learn from the first two games to be more economical in the way we play".
In four, on Wednesday 24 April, game 3 will be played again at Trento's ilT quotidiano Arena starting at 8.30 p.m.: live on Radio Dolomiti and VBTV.

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