2003/04 ITAS Diatec di Silvano Prandi
running for the Italian League

Season 2003/04 would certainly lead the team towards a more important achievement when professor Silvano Prandi arrived in replacement of Bruno Bagnoli. The team was organized similarly to the previous season but the results were certainly different. Strongly driven by Bernardi and Sartoretti (who had just won the European championship with the Italian team) Itas Diatec Trentino won the regular season placing itself as the main favourite for the championship. The attack to the playoff however was unlucky and compromised by injuries that forced Sartoretti, Bernardi and Kazakov to stay on the bench. The team was eliminated at the quarter finals by Cuneo during the Italian Cup and had to also give up during four games against Perugia saying goodbye to the flag. During the summer of 2004 the two Russians Choulepov and Kazakov went back home and Lorenzo Bernardi left the team at the end of his contract to go to Macerata.