storia 2019 2020a
2019/20 The 20th season stopped due 
to the Coronavirus emergency

For the twentieth season of activity, the managers of Trentino Volley decide to follow the line of continuity, given the good results obtained in the previous one. During summer 2019, the roster is therefore modified only for three players, without altering the starting six. Cavuto and Nelli are loaned respectively to Ravenna and Piacenza in order to gain further experience in the field, while Van Garderen moves to Latina. The Company takes back Djuric (in the role of opposite), the Slovenian Cebulj (spiker, already seen in Italy with the t-shirt of Civitanova, Milan, Ravenna and San Giustino) and also the Cuban Sosa Sierra, who in the last part of the previous year had already joined the group showing interesting skills as spiker (even though he was born as middle-blocker).

The 20th anniversary of the Club celebrated with a memorable presentation evening on October 18th at the BLM Group Arena, for the occasion set up as a theatre, which hosts over 3,500 fans who came for the occasion. Special guest of the event: "The Kolors". The hugely popular pop group makes everyone sing, giving a wonderful moment. To adequately remember the anniversary, a special uniform is also created, which recalls, in colours and design, the one dressed by the players in the first years of activity. Itas Trentino wears this shirt, highly appreciated by the fans, in the opening games of the season. The beginning of the regular season is promising; the team scores six wins in a row and leads the rankings. In the meantime, Itas Trentino has already played the Italian Cup Final Four in Civitanova, losing the semifinal with Perugia, then winner of the Trophy. On the seventh day comes the first defeat against Padua, a result that forces the yellow-blue team to leave the top of the ranking. In the central part of the regular season, also due to the busy schedule of commitments, Giannelli and his companions are overcome in the ranking by Civitanova, Perugia, Modena and also by Milan. This will force the team to play the knockout game of the Italian Cup quarter-finals at the Milanese home. In January the yellow-blue team wins in only three sets at the PalaLido taking advantage of the surprise effect by the presence of the Cuban Sosa Sierra and the baby Alessandro Michieletto (son of the Team Manager Riccardo, who grew up in the Youth Sector) in the role of spiker. Itas Trentino wins in a splendid and unexpected way, guaranteeing access to its eleventh consecutive Coppa Italia’s Final Four, where in the Unipol Arena event in Bologna will be eliminated in the semi-final only at the tie break by Civitanova.

Alessandro Michieletto will also be the protagonist of the team's qualification to the CEV Champions League quarterfinals. He helped with the 3-2 victory against Ceske Budejovice (Czech Republic) in the last round of the group A of the maximum continental tournament. That success enables Trentino Volley to enter the final tournament scoreboard. The pandemic of March and April forced the Federations (National and European) first to suspend all the demonstrations and then to close them definitively, without either winners or losers. Itas Trentino must therefore set aside its twentieth season on the best, when it entered between the best eight teams in Europe and regained the fourth place in the championship.

The fear for the difficult moment does not cancel out what happened in the first five months of this season, in which Trentino Volley won twenty of the thirty games played and it reached all the minimum targets that had been there predetermined. The positive things of the season also include the participation in the new Serie A3 championship with the Under 21 team. The adventure is carried out in collaboration with the University of Trento, with which a dual student-player project is launched. Also in this case the race in the third national tournament must be interrupted due to the Coronavirus Emergency when the team was in seventh place in the ranking.