Trento, 20 May 2018

National Teams, Kovacevic and Lisinac in the field in Kraljevo versus Serbia and Iran

Srecko Lisinac and Uros Kovacevic with National Team Jersey

Last weekend saw as protagonists Srecko Lisinac and Uros Kovacevic. The two yellow-blue players, which are first the first teammates in a Club and not only in their National Team, played two friendly matches in Kraljevo (where they were both born) with the Serbian National Team kit on versus Iran towards their debut of next weekend in Volleyball Nations League.
As happened to Giannelli with the Italian National Team, a tie break defeat occurred on Friday whereas on Saturday it was time for redemption with a 3-0 victory. In the match of May 18th Lisinac played only the first set, scoring two points with 40% in attack, Kovacevic played the second set as well, conquering 7 personal scored points with 50% in attack; on May 19th they both played the entire match starting from the Serbian starting six: Srecko scored 4 points with 50% in attack, Uros 11 points, with an ace, a block and 69% in attack.
During next weekend, in Kraljevo, there will be their debut in Volleyball Nations League versus Germany, Brazil and Gianelli’s Italy.

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