Trento, 20 January 2019

Itas Trentino-Cucine Lube Civitanova 1-3, the report of the match

Report of the match. The staring six do not surprise: Lorenzetti then chooses Giannelli as setter, Vettori opposite, Kovacevic and Russel as spikers, Lisinac and Candellaro in the middle, Grebennikov as libero, whereas De Giorgi opted for Bruno as setter, Sokolov as opposite, Juantorena and Leal as spikers, Cester and Simon in the middle and Balaso as libero. The guests have the best impact on the match, after the 2-0 of Trentino, the opponents reached 3-5 and then 5-8 forcing Lorezetti to ask a time-out. When the match started again, Vettori gives false hope to his team (7-8) because Leal conducts the match obtaining +4 points with a block on the opposite (10-14). Trento gets back up with Kovacevic (block and pipe during the break point phase) 17-19, and De Giorgi asks a time out. Lube smells the danger and starts again with a block taking advantage of Trento’s mistakes. Lube wins the set 20-25. Itas Trentino tries to start again in the second set, finding a break with Vettori and Russell (5-3 and 8-7). Thanks to Candellaro, Itas Trentino scores +2 points (block on Sokolov 14-12) and then Vettori scores other 3 points (17-14). Trento has the advantage during the final rush in fact they win the set 25-23, with Lisinac as main player of the set. The match starts again on 1-1. Cucine Lube starts again very well with Juantorena (2-5) and a Simon’s ace (3-8). Lorenzetti changes Kovacevic with Van Garderen but thanks to the opposings’ mistakes and to Vettori (attack and ace), Trento takes the lead (10-11). The guests accelerate again with Simon (12-15) and then with Juantorena (16-20). Itas Trentino loses the set 22-25. In fouth set Cucine Lube is once again the best (3-7), even if Trento is ready to recover with Lisinac (9-11). On the other side, Leal and Simon get another advantage (17-13); the guests do not miss a shot (18-22) and at the end, they win the set 3-1. The series of victories of Itas Trentino stops at twenty-one.

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