Trento, 09 June 2019

Nationals, 2nd of VNL 2019 with four victories in six matches for the yellow-blue players

As already happened in the first, also the second weekend of the Preliminary Round of Volleyball Nations League 2019 reserve many smiles to the four players of Trentino Volley took to the field for the occasion. The final balance shows in fact four victories in six overall matches played by the yellow-blue athletes in the last three days. In Ufa, Russia, Candellaro, Giannelli and Cavuto's Italy took home two victories in three matches, losing only this evening against the hosts and winning the previous games with the United States and Portugal. Two matches in the starting six also for Jenia Grebennikov who in Ningbo (China), took to the field against Poland (success by 3-1) and against Bulgaria (defeat at tie break), remaining instead on the bench in the challenge of the owners of home, won 3-0. In the current standings, France is in third place behind Brazil (the only unbeaten team) and Iran, while Italy is in fifth place. Next weekend, the Italians will play in Varna (Bulgaria) to challenge the hosts, Japan and Australia, while France will play in Cannes with Germany, Argentina and the USA.

Here follow the statistics of the four Trentino Volley players involved in the second weekend of the Volleyball Nations League 2019.

DAVIDE CANDELLARO (middle-blocker, Italy)
Friday, Italy-USA 3-1: 3 points (3 attacks), 33% in attack (3 out of 9)

ORESTE CAVUTO (spiker, Italy)
Friday, Italy-USA 3-1: 11 points (9 attacks, 1 block, 1 ace), 42% in attack (9 out of 21)
Saturday, Italy-Portugal 3-0: 5 points (5 attacks), 35% in attack (5 out of 14)
Sunday, Russia-Italy 3-0: 8 points (6 attacks, 1 block, 1 block), 42% in attack (6 out of 14)

SIMONE GIANNELLI (setter, Italy)
Friday, Italy-USA 3-1: 2 points (1 attack, 1 block), 16% in attack (1 of 6),
Saturday, Italy-Portugal 3-0: 5 points (1 attack, 2 blocks, 2 aces), 33% in attack (1 of 3)
Sunday, Russia-Italy 3-0: 2 points (1 attack, 1 block), 100% in attack (1 on 1)

JENIA GREBENNIKOV (libero, France)
Friday, France-Poland 3-1: 0 points
Sunday, France-Bulgaria 2-3: 0 points

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