Trento, 17 July 2019

Market, about ten players of Trentino Volley on loan between SuperLega, Serie A2 and A3

The Volley Market 2019 of Salsomaggiore Terme (Parma) has seen Trentino Volley managing in the best way the various requests received for the many talented players who have grown up in the Trentino Volley Youth Team. Actually, there will be eleven players on loan during the 2019/2020 season of SuperLega and Serie A2 and A3.
It is important to point out three transfers for one year in SuperLega: Cavuto and Cortesia to Ravenna, Nelli to Piacenza. In Serie A2 we want to highlight the opportunity for Tiziano Mazzone offered by Lagonegro, the return of Morelli to Castellana Grotte and the Festi’s haven to Brescia.
Trentino Volley will follow the players with particular interest and will hope they can come back to Trentino Volley’s roster soon.
Daniele Albergati (opposite), loan to HRK Motta di Livenza – Serie A3
Francesco Astarita (wing spiker), loan to Sieco Service Ortona – Serie A2
Tiziano Bressan (middle blocker), loan to Mosca Bruno Bolzano – Serie A3
Oreste Cavuto (wing spiker), loan to Consar Ravenna - SuperLega
Mirco Cristofaletti (wing spiker), loan to Invent San Donà – Serie A3
Lorenzo Cortesia (middle blocker), loan to Consar Ravenna - SuperLega
Danilo De Santis (opposite), loan to Tipiesse Cisano Bergamasco – Serie A3
Roberto Festi (middle blocker), loan to Sarca Italchef Centrale Brescia – Serie A2
Tiziano Mazzone (wing spiker), loan to Rinascita Lagonegro – Serie A2
Michele Morelli (opposite), loan to BCC Castellana Grotte– Serie A2
Nelli Gabriele (opposite), loan to Gas Sales Piacenza - SuperLega

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