Trento, 12 September 2019

Trento, Manzoni Secondary School: first day with Luca Vettori for 400 students

The first day of school has been very special and different from the usual. This happened to the 400 students of Manzoni middle school of Trento, who came back to class after the summer holidays. Waiting for them there was Luca Vettori, who wished a good start of the school year 2019/2020. The ITAS World Winner opposite hitter was present at the first day of the main secondary school of the city (protagonist of the yellow and blue project BIG School for years now).
Even before the pupils opened their backpacks, Vettori told them how he approached volleyball, after having initially preferred football, how he managed his double commitment to study and sport and how he overcame the daily difficulties, which inevitably also occur in the life of a high-level athlete. "Never run away from problems, face them because they help you to grow" was his final comment.

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