Trento, 18 October 2019

3,300 guests at the BLM Group Arena to celebrate Trentino Volley and its 20th years old

Emotions, memories, smiles music and a lot of applauses. Those the five main factors that characterised the presentation of the new team Itas Trentino. A less traditional event than usual for the location (the BLM Group Arena has been a theatre filled by 3,300 people for one night) as well as for the contents.
Such an event is organised by Trentino Volley every year to inaugurate the new season with the team’s supporters, also on this occasion there have been many peculiar and sometimes even touching moments, that have surprised the great audience. The celebration of the 20 years of activity of the Club, five times World Champion, included a number of evocative video clips remembering the past victories and players of these nineteen season. Leondino Giombini’s words have been particularly underlined, he has been the first player that in 2000 decided to join the team and, by doing so, he massively contributed to keep the team in the A Serie even at the end of its first season. The player has been welcomed by an excited audience and the words he spoke were filled by respect and gratitude for his dear Trento.
“This city and the environment I found will always have a place in my heart, also because two of my sons were born here - declared “Giombo”- ; I saw this Club starting from square one and I saw this arena being built. Nineteen years ago we gained an important position that allowed the passion to flow until today. Thank you all for the invite, it’s an honor to be here”.
Also one of the new three shirt is creating a bound with the past. The number three, a celebrative shirt, was presented by Giombini himself and shows clear similarities with the one the ex-opposite hitter has worn during the 2000/01 season. Trentino Volley is going to wear it only on special occasions. During the presentation, the spotlight was on the new Itas Trentino. The president Diego Mosna has dressed the team with the historical uniform, asking everybody to always honor it. “It is really touching to see all this people reunited to celebrate us - he explained - . A new championship will start in Ravenna on Saturday, the team has been together just for a few hours but we are filled with enthusiasm”.
So spoke  Angelo Lorenzetti on the other hand “We want to reach the end of the competitions we take part in, playing our cards the best way possible. The goal? It is to take the shower with a smile after the last match”.
Also players were given space and applauses for the most awaited moment of the evening. Kovacevic, Lisinac and Giannelli were the last to reach the stage, before leaving it to “The Kolors” who have offered a one-hour-long concert making everyone dancing and singing on the notes of some of their best-known hits like “Everytime”, “Frida” or “Pensare male”, but also of other songs of their repertoire, like their new single “Los Angeles”.
The evening has already make history for the Club and for the city, pulling back the curtains of this new season in the best way possible. Starting from Sunday in Ravenna, the stage is going to be the court.

Trentino Volley Srl
Press Office