Trento, 08 February 2020

Taking the field on Sunday for the 20th round of SuperLega

The twentieth round of regular season of SuperLega Credem Banca 2019/20 will be played during the weekend. On this occasion Itas Trentino is going to be one of the protagonists in Padua together with Kioene, on Sunday, 9th February. The match will begin at 18: live broadcasting on RAI Sport + and Radio Dolomiti.
Here Itas Trentino Its second place has been strengthened thanks to the win in four set over Milano on Wednesday evening, so Itas Trentino is now ready for another delicate away match, the sixth since the beginning of 2020 on the court of high-level opponents like Padova, that in the going round had stopped Itas Trentino’s row of consecutive home wins.
“Time has shown how that loss should not have been labeled as a strange result, since it was instead the prove of Kioene’s value, the same value we are seeing during this championship - declared Trentino Volley’s coach Angelo Lorenzetti referring to the 2-3 of last 20th November at the BLM Group Arena -. Since then, we are now able to play better to obtain the win, but we must not forget the difficulties that the match implies. Padova has good statistics for what concerns the side-out phase, helped by a good receiving, difficult to avoid and has also some good attackers, who are showing great things during this regular season”.
Angelo Lorenzetti can count on the whole roster and will decide the starting six just after the last training sessions (one today in Trento, the other one on Sunday morning in Padua). The one against Kioene will be the 839th official match for Trentino Volley, the 24th of the season (17 wins and 6 losses).
500th match of regular season for Trentino Volley The march has also some statistical value for Trentino Volley, that on this occasion will celebrate the 500 matches it has played in regular season since it has joined the A Series. Trentino Volley has won 352 matches out of 499 played, among these 157 on away matches. The most frequent result has been 3-0, obtain 177 times, whereas the total amount of points obtained in the rankings is 1,036 (51.8 per season). The player who has played more matches is Andrea Bari (he has taken field 39% of the times -196 out of 499), whereas the one who has scored more is Matey Kaziyski (2,444 points in 164 matches) he has also worn the captain’s shirt the longest (92 times). The most faced teams are Modena and Lube (39 previous matches). This time Itas Trentino will play a match against the first team it has ever faced in an home match: on 22nd October 2000, win against at the tie break, with Trentino Volley’s team been trained by Angelo Lorenzetti.
The opponents This running season has proved how Padova is now one of the best teams competing in SuperLega. After having participated to Play Off Scudetto 2019, where it has constricted Trento in match 3 of the quarter final, the team from Padua has taken a spot in the Italian high-level volleyball, keeping it close to the playoff zone. Right now Kioene is placed sixth in the rankings with twenty-four points, the same as Ravenna, that has played two matches more. The team, trained by Valerio Baldovin, has often shown its better self on the home court, where it has also defeated 3-1 Modena on 26th December. Many players have distinguished themselves during this regular season: the Cuban opposite hitter Hernandez is the seventh bomber of the tournament, the middle hitters Volpato and Polo are respectively the fourth attacker and the third blocker of the championship, whereas the libero Danani is the first receiver on weighted average. Travica’s experience as the setter must be added as well as Randazzo’s ability to recover, both aspects that have been seen during win in three set in Verona on Wednesday evening.
Previous matches The one played in Padua is going to be the 35th official match between the two clubs. The previous outcomes favour Trentino Volley, that has won 28 times, but the opponents have won two matches out of the last three played: one 3-2 in the going round (20th November at the BLM Group Arena, 25-20, 20-25, 19-25, 25-23, 19-21 and Ishikawa mvp) and the most recent in Padua (on 7th April, 3-0 in match 2 of the quarter final of Play Off, 25-22, 26-24, 25-22). Out of 16 previous matches on Padua’s court, the homeowners have won just four of them, included the 3-2 obtained on 16th February 2003, on 1st February 2004 and on 13th February 2005. Trentino Volley most recent win in Padua was on 24th October 2018: 3-1 with 17 points of Kovacevic, the mvp. Also the first win on an away match was in Padua: on 5th January 2001, 3-1 at the Pala San Lazzaro.
The referees The match will be directed by Daniele Rapisarda (from Udine, in A Series since 2002 and international one since 2011) and Simone Santi (from Città di Castello, Perugia - in A Series since 1994 and international Fivb since 20011). For the first one it is going to be the eighth seasonal mach in SuperLega Credem Banca 2019/20, among these one with Trentino Volley, the 3-0 home win against Monza (27th October). For the second one it is going to be the tenth match in this regular season and the second one with Trento (the last one was 3-0 win against Ravenna on 20th October).
Tv, radio and Internet The challenge is going to be a global media event, with live broadcasting on tv, radio and on the Internet. It will be broadcasted by RAI Sport +, a channel available on both terrestrial digital platform (number 57 in HD, 58 in SD) and satellite one of Sky on channel 227. The commentary by Maurizio Colantoni and Andrea Lucchetta. Images will be shared on the Internet on video-audio streaming through RaiPlay app and will be available in 12 Nations in our continent thanks to the live broadcasting set by Sportklub (Serbia, Kosovo, Croazia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedon, Montenegro), Match TV (Russia), Polsat (Poland), BTV Bulgaria and DSmart (Turkey), a part from the other global betting provided by SportRadar agency.
It will also be live and entirely broadcasted by Radio Dolomiti, media partner of Trentino Volley, starting from 18.00. All frequencies to listen to the local network are available on the website, where it is also possible to listen to the commentary on streaming, by clicking on the “On Air” section.
The whole deferred coverage will be broadcasted on the tv on Monday, 10th February at 22.00, on RTTR channel, tv partner of Trentino Volley.
The results will be updated, point after point by the Italian Serie A Volleyball League’s website ( and by The updates will always be available on Trentino Volley’s social networks (, and

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