Trento, 24 March 2020

Coronavirus emergency, the Tokyo Olympics postponed to 2021

The Olympics in Tokyo 2020 has been officially postponed by one year and will therefore take place in 2021. It was announced today by the IOC (International Olympic Committee), which agreed the decision with the Japanese Government and the Organizing Committee. The unpredictable spread of Coronavirus epidemic is accelerating and based on information provided by the WHO, there were no grounds for organizing such an event.
Among the possible protagonists of the Five Circles Games in the Sol Levante could have been the Captain of Trentino Volleyball, Simone Giannelli: "I believe that the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics for one year was a painful decision for the organizers and the entire Olympic Committee because in the recent history of this event had never happened. At the same time I think it was the best decision, especially considering what the world is experiencing. We are fighting the most important match and we must be united, both in our decisions and sense of responsibility. The five-circle games in a year's time is the best solution because I imagine it would have been difficult to face them in 2020 in a calm spirit. In 2021 I hope that we will be happier, happy to enjoy an event that is the best experience to live. And it is marvellous living it without anxiety".

Trentino Volley Srl
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