Trento, 27 March 2020

Social network, here are the GIFs of Trentino Volley for Instagram and TikTok!

Small but nice news for all fans of Social Network, that are very useful in this period to keep in touch with friends, relatives but also with your favourite team. From today on Instagram and TikTok platforms any user can produce content using Trentino Volley's GIFs.
GIFs (literally Graphic Interchange Format) are a type of image that offer more dynamism and movement than the traditional "jpeg" and also for this reason they allow animations that make them very suitable and original to be used on social networks.
Making even more unique Instagram Stories or posts on TikTok with GIFs is very simple; once created the content, just click on the icon to insert the stickers and then choose the GIFs by typing in the search box: "trentino volley". You can choose between the animations of various players (Giannelli, Grebennikov, Lisinac and Kovacevic the first available) or the staff (Lorenzetti and the Russian physiotherapist). The project will be developed day after day giving to all users the GIFs of all the other protagonists of the team.

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