Trento, 02 April 2020

Cebulj: "Isolation spent with family, between cartoons and English lessons for my son"

The website of the CEV reports  an interesting interview in English with Klemen Cebulj on its homepage. Inside, the Slovenian hitter spiker from Trentino Volley tells how he is spending these long weeks of isolation in his home in Trento to cope with the Coronavirus emergency. "We volleyball players live many days away from home, so during this time at least we have some time to spend with our families. I'm personally devoting it to my wife, my dogs and especially to my son Louis. We're watching a lot of cartoons but we're also teaching him a few words of English. It's important that he doesn't get bored".
"The season spent wearing the Trentino Volley jersey has so far been successful  - continued Klemen - . Throughout the year I alternated on the field with two players  (Russell and Kovacevic); Lorenzetti was very good, so much so that we played as starters roughly the same number of games. Beyond the matches, however, was also important the positive competition that was created in each training session, with an even higher level of play".

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