Trento, 30 May 2020

Lorenzetti is the protagonist of the format Trentino Sviluppo

There is also the coach of Trentino Volley Angelo Lorenzetti among the experts consulted by Trentino Sviluppo for the launch of the new format entitled "LINK - Connessi con il futuro. Idee per ripartire". In recent days, the coach was interviewed by the Communication Area of the Agency of the Province of Trento dedicated to promoting the sustainable development of the Trentino system. As an authoritative witness and expert on group dynamics, he offered food for thought that could help companies and professionals to find new ideas to restart after the coronavirus emergency. 
The format, made entirely with conference calls, was divided into individual weekly episodes and can count, among others, on the contributions of Paolo Iabichino, a leading figure in creative marketing, Lelio Alfonso, former general director at the Presidency of the Council for institutional communication, and Alessandro Garofalo, a creative inventor. 
Lorenzetti's speech, to which the entire second episode is dedicated, focuses on the importance of "teamwork", even in the absence of physical presence, and focuses on techniques of motivation and confidence in the team, even in the face of uncertainty about the future. "To be able to give advice, you need to have a background of experience. Unfortunately this break due to the Covid emergency had never been there before and it was a real punch in the face for many. What is missing, therefore, is precisely the experience - he stressed - . What, instead, remains a cornerstone of the company's organization is "teamwork": moving as a team always makes the difference. This period of distance should not be perceived as a period in which it is necessary to stay away from each other to make a team. As with everything, everyone knows "what to do" and "how to do it" but few know why we do it. This is true both in the field of sport and in other fields. In this period of distance and loneliness the "why" has to come to the surface. The moment we walk out the door everything we do must be oriented to our "why". Obviously, in a sports team, everything we do has to be mixed and coordinated to the supreme good of the whole society, the team is also meant as a company".  
“When you get hit so hard you start to feel insecure – continued Lorenzetti - . To find security you look for people to relate to and trust and take confidence from. So, the first thing I will do when I get back to work is not take the past for granted, not everything is new. I’ll try to be the person my players can turn to and trust. I think that this distance, this way of communicating from afar has destroyed our ability to see ourselves in others. We have to try and be brilliant with empathy and develop a sincere, attentive way of listening and a use of words that is attentive as well.
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