Trento, 24 June 2020

Experience and reliability for Trentino Volley: the new libero is Salvatore Rossini

After two seasons, the Itas Trentino libero jersey belongs to a great Italian performer. In fact, it will be worn by Salvatore Rossini, for years one of the most reliable, experienced and winning players in this role.
The agreement with the thirty-three year old from Formia (curiously the same city where his new teammate, Carlo De Angelis, was also born) has been signed on a two-yearly basis and will allow Trentino Volley to count on genuine security. Rossini is in fact a specialist in the second line and he's used to play at high levels for a long time, as demonstrated by his exceptional reception statistics (which make him one of the best in the SuperLega for years). In his previous six seasons in Modena, Salvatore has won a Scudetto, two Italian Cups and three Italian Super Cups (all five of them overtaking Trento in the final), also gaining space in the National team, with which, among many others, he also won a Silver medal at the Olympic Games in Rio 2016.
"Welcome to Trentino Volleyball to Salvatore Rossini, an Italian libero who has shown all his skills in Modena - so he was welcomed by President Diego Mosna - . For us he represents the best possible choice for this role, which has become increasingly important in modern volleyball".
In Trento he will find again Angelo Lorenzetti with whom he established a special feeling in the common years in Modena. "I meet Rossini with pleasure and in the knowledge that we must not look back but only think about finding a way to do well together in Trento - said the coach - . Our already excellent knowledge must help us to empathize immediately and to make sure that it can be of help for the integration of the group. Salvatore is a player who has grown even more than when I coached him. He comes from Modena and I am convinced that the Trentino public will give him the same affection and the same kindness that he had in welcoming me and Vettori a few years ago".

The identikit
born in Formia (Latina), 13 July 1986
184 cm, libero
2000/03 As Sud Pontino Formia D and giov. 
2003/04 Latina Volleyball D
2004/05 Latina Volleyball D
2005/06 Volleyball Aversa B1
2006/07 Cus Catania B1
2007/08 Volleyball Sora B2
2008/09 Globo Sora B1
2009/10 Cortona Volley B1
2010/11 Gherardi Svi Città di Castello A2
2011/12 Acqua Paradiso Monza Brianza A1
2012/13 Andreoli Latina A1
2013/14 Andreoli Latina A
2014/15 Parmareggio Modena SuperLega
2015/16 DHL Modena SuperLega
2016/17 Azimut Modena SuperLega
2017/18 Azimut Modena SuperLega
2018/19 Azimut Leo Shoes Modena SuperLega
2019/20 Leo Shoes Modena SuperLega
2020/21 Itas Trentino SuperLega

1 Italian Championship (2016)
2 Italy Cups (2015, 2016)
3 Italian Super Cups (2015, 2016, 2018)

In national
142 appearances with the Italian National Team
Silver Medal Olympics 2016
Silver Medal World Cup 2015
European Silver Medal 2013
European Bronze Medal 2015
Bronze Medal World League 2013, 2014
Bronze Medal Grand Champions Cup 2013 
Best Libero World League 2014

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