Trento, 19 September 2020

On Sunday in Civitanova Marche the semifinal away match of Del Monte® Supercoppa 2020

The names of the two finalists of the 2020 edition of the Del Monte® Supercoppa will be determined on Sunday 20 September. Itas Trentino will be the protagonist at the Eurosuole Forum in Civitanova Marche to play the second leg semifinal in the upper part of the draw. The kickoff is at 17.30: live on RAI Sport + and Radio Dolomiti.
HERE ITAS TRENTINO After the great debut last weekend, the gialloblù team faces the first away game of its season, hunting for another victory that allows it to earn the access at an Italian competition final that had been missing for almost two years (7 October 2018, right in the Supercoppa in Perugia). Success with any score would guarantee the qualification for the match event on Friday 25 September at the AGSM Forum in Verona and, at the same time, would debunk the taboo Eurosuole Forum, where Trentino Volley has never won in fifteen previous official matches.
“It’s an important appointment under several aspects - this is how the coach Angelo Lorenzetti presents the appointment - . We’re going to Civitanova Marche in searching for confirmation on our qualities; after showing good things last Sunday, our goal must be to confirm that performance to prove above all to ourselves if we can repeat ourselves continuously. The other fundamental aspect is bound to the possibility to qualify for the competition final, an intermediate milestone that we want but that we know it will be difficult to reach, because now it’s Cucine Lube that plays at home and so has the ball in its hand to try to sink the blow”.
Itas Trentino will leave in the early afternoon for Civitanova Marche and it will take all the players of the new team with it. During the week also Srecko Lisinac and Ricardo Lucarelli (not used last Sunday) have resumed training with the team, even with shorter playing time than their teammates, so much so that the Trentino coach could decide to insert them in the list of players to be delivered to the referees.
That at the Eurosuole Forum will be the 847^ official match of the history of Trentino Volley, the 458^ away, where it has won in 282 circumstances; last time, on 19 February in Ceske Budejovice (Czech Republic). In Italian Supercoppa the gialloblù Club has so far played fourteen games overall, winning only 4.
THE HISTORY OF TRENTINO VOLLEY IN SUPERCOPPA The one in progress will be the eleventh participation in the Italian Supercoppa of Trentino Volley. In this single event, the Company of Via Trener has ten precedents; in addition to the final fourth places recorded in the 2016 and 2017 editions (played respectively in Modena and Civitanova), to the third-place obtained in 2019 in Civitanova and to the second obtained in Perugia in 2018, the precedents in the event are linked to the matches of 2008 (0-3 with Lube), Torino 2010 (0-3 with Cuneo), Cagliari 2011 (3-1 with Cuneo), Modena 2012 and 2015 (2-3 with Macerata and 2-3 with the hosts) and Trento 2013 (3-0 always with Macerata): two wins out of ten appearances.
THE OPPONENTS Cucine Lube Civitanova, the winner of the only trophy awarded in 2020 (the Italian Cup), shows up in front of its audience (fixed number) after over six months of absence and right against the same opponent faced in the last circumstance. The most recent official match played at the Eurosuole Forum dates back to 3-2 won last March 8 on Itas Trentino in the match that preceded the lockdown. This time the stakes are even higher than then (in that case it was awarded only three points for the ranking of SuperLega, which the two teams had shared), given that the qualification for the final of the first event of the new season is at stake. To achieve the success it would need to be able to play at least the golden set (if it got at the tie break), the team of De Giorgi will count once again to its trump card (the Caribbean trio Simon-Leal-Juantorena, 49 points as a trio in the first leg) and to the capacity of always obtain results in its arena, where in the last season it has won fifteen out of seventeen matches played overall. However, the most recent stop was obtained by Abdel-Aziz: 28 personal points and the prize of MVP in the 2-3 made by Milan on January 16th in the Marche.
ITAS TRENTINO QUALIFIES TO THE FINAL IF… As in the recent past, Del Monte® Supercoppa will be competed by the four best teams in the last standings of the 2019/20 SuperLega regular season. But the formula of qualifying for the Final changes, which will be played at the Arena of Verona on Friday, 25 September at 21. The semifinal will have a first and second match, with the same regulation applied in the Champions League playoffs. After the 3-2 first leg victory (21-25, 25-19, 16-25, 25-21, 15-9), Itas Trentino will need to win the regular match on Sunday with any score to qualify. So, the golden set will be played only in case of victory in five sets of Lube, which in case of success in a maximum of four sets will detach the pass for the Scaligero appointment.
The other semifinal is Modena-Perugia (first leg 0-3), which is played on the same day at 18.
PRECEDENTS With the match on Sunday Cucine Lube Civitanova will become the most faced opponent in its history by Trentino Volley; in total 75 official matches, Modena which has been stopped since February at 74. The ranking is in favor of Marche for 41-33, thanks also to the twenty wins over twenty-three matches. With 3-2 in the first leg, Itas Trentino has stopped a negative streak, which against Marche lasted six matches and, temporally, one year and a half.
The last precedent happened with the biancorossi was on 22 April 2019 (3-2 at home in match 3 of the semifinal Play Off); the tie break was, moreover, the most frequent result in the history of the confrontation between the two teams: 29 times, including the last precedent in the Marche (home victory on 8 March). At the Eurosuole Forum Trento has never won: twelve defeats in as many previous ones (fifteen, if we also take into account three Supercoppa matches played against Perugia and Modena between 2017 and 2019).
THE REFEREES The match will be arbitrated by Stefano Cesare (of Rome – in Serie A from 1999 and international from 2010) and Ilaria Vagni (of Perugia – in the role since 2003 and international from 2013). The last precedent for the referee from Lazio compared to Trentino Volley was the 2 Februar (victory in four sets in Piacenza), while the Umbrian referee has arbitrated Modena-Trento 3-1 on 24 November 2019.
ROLL OF HONOR OF ITALIAN SUPERCOPPA The twenty-fifth edition of the Italian Supercoppa is in progress. In the roll of honor of the event there is Treviso with seven wins, followed by Cuneo, Lube, and Modena with four, then Trento and Perugia (outgoing champion) with two, Piacenza with one.
TV, RADIO, AND INTERNET The match will be a global media event, having contemporary broadcasts live on tv, radio, and Internet. In fact, it will broadcast live on RAI Sport +, channel present on both digital terrestrial platform (number 57 in HD, 58 in sd) and the satellite platform of Sky at number 227, with commentary of Maurizio Colantoni and Lorenzo Bernardi; the images will be shared also on Internet in video-audio streaming thanks to the RaiPlay app. There will be live and full coverage from Radio Dolomiti, media partner of Trentino Volley, at 17:30. All the frequencies to tune into the regional network are on the website, where you can listen to the commentary live streaming as well, accessing at the “On Air” section. In tv, the full match will be broadcast on Monday 21 September at 22.30; on RTTR – tv partner of Trentino Volley. On Internet, the minute by minute updates will be made by the Lega Pallavolo Serie A website ( and by and they will be always active on the gialloblù Social Network (, e

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