Trento, 13 January 2021

Lorenzetti: "Our opponents found a right change ball, we responded with a good attack"

“The problems began in the first third of the second set – said the coach of Itas Trentino Angelo Lorenzetti at the end of the match – when we lost rhythm and helped Padova to recover: it is a type of situation that repeats itself and in future we need to avoid. Our opponents found a right change ball, used well the pipes we suffered; we responded with a good attack on reception, but we were deficient in the break phase. We continue to highlight this aspect, but we don’t make much progress”.
Itas Trentino will return on field for an official match at the BLM Group Arena on Saturday 16 January at 17, the moment in which it will be played the preview of the nineteenth round against Top Volley Cisterna.

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