Trento, 15 January 2022

On Sunday at BLM Group Arena the quarter final of Coppa Italia 2022

Three of the four quarter finals of the 44th edition of Del Monte® Coppa Italia will be played on January 16th 2022. Itas Trentino will make its seasonal debut in the competition at BLM Group Arena playing against Vero Volley Monza: a match with direct elimination.
The winning team will achieve the qualification for the Final Four, fixed on March 5th and 6th in Bologna. The kick-off is at 6 p.m.: live on RAI Sport +, Radio Dolomiti and live streaming on the platform OTT Volleyball World TV.
HERE ITAS TRENTINO The yellow-blue formation plays its first match without appeal in 2022 shortly after peremptorily winning the match of 2022 CEV Champions League against Cannes. The victory achieved in three sets against the Champions of France allowed the team of Angelo Lorenzetti to find once against the rhythm of the match and allowed it to come closer to Del  Monte® Coppa Italia 2022 with good feelings.
“It is an important event for our season. It would be awesome and satisfying for our path to be once again among the four teams the will play for the trophy in Bologna the first days of March. A path that we have followed in the Championship - said the trainer of Trentino Volley while explaining the event - . To actually achieve this goal, we will have to be stronger than Monza, a team that is able to play at high level against any opponent and that in the two previous seasons has always known how to make things difficult for us. Our fantastic place in the ranking obtained in the first round will let us play this home game from the inside or the outside. A small advantage that we want to use since the beginning.”
Itas Trentino will take part in the event without the second libero De Angelis, since he got a positive result for Covid-19. All other twelve players of the team are available and will complete the preparation for the match with the training of this afternoon and this Sunday morning at BLM Group Arena. Among the players of Trento, the player with the highest number of edition of Coppa Italia played is Marko Podrascanin, that on Sunday will usher in his 14th participation at the highest national trophy, having already put on his palmares 3 successes (2009 edition with Lube, 2018 and 2019 edition with Perugia), the same number that Matey Kaziyski can brag about (all won with Trento). Two of the absolute beginners: Daniele Albergati and Wout D’Heer.
THE HISTORY OF TRENTINO VOLLEY IN COPPA ITALIA The 20th participation to the quarter final of Coppa Italia in twenty-two seasons of activity for Trentino Volley will be launched on Sunday evening. The society has missed the final phase of the competition only in the debut season in A1 (2000/01, eliminated in the quarter of the preliminary phase by Cuneo) and in the last one supervised by Lattari (2006/07). In fourteen occasions, the Society of Trener street has won the quarter final, arriving in the Final Four. In the last one, the team eliminated Milan with a score of 3-0 at a home game. The victory of the competition was achieved in three cases: on January 31st 20120 in Montecatini Terme thanks to a success of 3-1 against Cuneo in the final, on February 19th 2012 with 3-2 recovering  against Luber at PalaLottomatica in Rome and on December 30th 2012 with 3-1 always against Lube at Forum of Assago. In total the finals played were seven, if one takes into account also the one that were lost against Cuneo (2010/11), Modena (2014/15 and 2015/16) and Civitanova (2016/17). In the other five participations, the elimination arrived directly in the quarter final in 2002/03 at the hand of Macerata, in 2003/04 at the hand of Cuneo, in 2004/05, in 2007/08 and in 2008/09 always because of Treviso. The matches that were played in the event were 43 in total: the evaluation is of 24 victories and 19 defeats (the last one in the semifinal in Bologna against Perugia on January 30th 2021).
THE OPPONENTS Overcome by Piacenza at the photo finish and than sixth classified at the end of the first round, the Vero Volley Monza arrives once again in Trento with a lot of variables. In addition to the three certain absences in the roster (the name of the players were no made public), one could also count the absence of the opposite hitter Grozer, main opponent of the team of Monza. The German opposite hitter has been having some physical problems for a couple of weeks. These forced the trainer Eccheli to leave the player at rest and choose a formation with three spikers, similar to the yellow-blue formation, in which there is the hammer Davyskiba in the diagonal line against the setter Orduna. Alongside the middle blocker Dzavoronok, there was room for Karyagin or for the Serbian Katic. Player in the team since the second half of September to replace Mitrasinovic. In the first three matches of 2022 with this organization, Monza achieved two victories. The last one on Wednesday evening in Ankara in the first round of the last sixteen of CEV Cup. It is the seventh absolute participation in Coppa Italia of SuperLega for the Lombard Society, finished in the quarter final. The race finished at the hand of Modena last year, as happened in the debut edition (2016).
THE FORMULA OF DEL MONTE® COPPA ITALIA 2022 The quarter final will be played on January 16th and 19th. The matches will have a direct elimination with group defined by the ranking of the first round of regular season SuperLega Credem Banca. Perugia-Padova is the only match that will not be played in the weekend, as it was fixed in the calender on Wednesday. The other matched will be played at the same time on Sunday at 6 p.m.: Civitanova-Milano, Modena-Piacenza and Trento-Monza. The Final Four is scheduled in the weekend on March 5th and 6th at Unipol Arena in Bologna: on Saturday 5 semifinals (the winning team in the quarter at BLM Group Arena will play against the winning team of the match Lube-Allianz). On Sunday March 6th the final at 6 p.m.
THE RECORDS For the third time in their history, Trentino Volley and Vero Volley Monza will play against one another in Coppa Italia. The records go back to the same phase of the competition in the 2017 edition (January 11th, success for 3-0 with partials of 25-19, 25-18, 25-10) and 2018 edition (October 18th 2017, another 3-0 with a score of 25-23, 25-20, 25-18). In total the official matches are twenty. The evaluation is 18-2 for the yellow-blue Club, that have always won at home (11 times) and has always won for 3-1 in the only two previous seasonal matches: on October 24th 2021, in the final of Supercoppa Italiana in Civitanova Marche (partial of 25-11, 25-21, 31-33, 25-14) and on November 14th 2021, match of regular season in Trento with partial of 19-25, 25-16, 27-25, 25-23, match of sixth turn of regular season.
THE REFEREES The couple made by Mauro Goitre (from Turin, role referee since 2014) and Andrea Pozzato (from Bolzano, role referee since 2004) will be the one to supervise the match. Goitre is at his seventh seasonal supervision and comes back in Trento after supervising Itas Trentino-Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza 3-1 of last November 18th. Even for Pozzato, it is the seventh match of the season 2021/22, the second one regarding Trento, previously supervised in the occasion of the home victory for 3-1 against Monza on November 14th.
TV, RADIO AND THE INTERNET The match will be a world media event, with live streaming on TV, on the radio and on the internet. On the small screen, the match will be aired by RAI Sport +, channel present on the platform digitale terrestre (channel 57 in HD, channel 58 in sd), with chronicles by Maurizio Colantoni and Andrea Lucchetta.
The live chronicles is expected on Radio Dolomiti, media partner of Trentino Volley. The frequencies to listen to the regional network are available on, where it will be possible to follow the live radio update also in streaming.
The live in streaming video on the platform OTT "Volleyball World TV" is also confirmed. The service is for a fee. For more information on how to access it, please go to
A synthesis of the match will be aired on TV on Monday January 17th at 9.45 p.m., on RTTR, partner TV of Trentino Volley.
On the Internet, the updates point to point will be supervised by Lega  Pallavolo Serie A ( and by the same and they will be always active on the yellow-blue Social Network ( and
TICKETS AND ENTRANCE MODALITY For this event, Trentino Volley can let enter a limited number of viewers in the gallery of the facility in Fersina Street. Everybody must have the SUPER GREEN CERTIFICATION (green certification for Covid-19 obtained thanks to the vaccination or after recovery) and the ffp2 mask, that must be worn at all time inside the facility. The match is the third one included in the member card of the second round. The card indicates the front door to enter the gallery. The ticket’s pre-sale is open at any moment on the internet on The cash registers of BLM Group Arena will be available from 4.45 p.m., at the same moment that the entrance of the facility will be opened.

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