Trento, 03 July 2022

Nelli: "Grateful to this Club, here once again to be useful and grow again"

The first interview as player of Trentino Volley for Gabriele Nelli, twenty-year-old opposite spiker from Tuscany, officialised today.

Welcome back to Trento, Gabriele!
“Thank you, I am proud and really satisfied to be able to wear again the T-shirt of such and important Club, the same that many years ago took me at such a young age to put me in the Youth section. I am looking forward to start a new chapter with Trentino Volley, a Society that I will always have to thank for it has done for me.”
What king of goals have you?
“I believe to still have room for improvement compared to what I was able to do till now. First thing first I want to go back and play at the level that I achieved in the past and that in the last period I was no able to achieve for many reasons. Secondly, I would like to make a further step because I am sure that in this environment I can still grow.”
What does Trentino Volley mean to you?
“I lived here a great part of my career but also of my life, as I arrived here in Trento really young. All i can do on in volleyball I owe it to this Club. Some great satisfaction was achieved, like the victory in 2019 CEV Cup, trophy that we won in Istanbul after almost achieving it more times in the past. The match that gave to us the title remains one of the most beautiful memories of my career but there is still room to reviving it and still win something together.”
Have you already talked to Angelo Lorenzetti?
“Yes, we have already talked about lots of topics and he told me what was his idea of development and usage of a team with lots of alternatives but in which we will be start again from the choice to play with three wing spikers. I, who that as player am an opposite spiker, do not discourage and I will work hard to try it be ready when there will be need of me. In a season such as the one we will have, full of events and compressed, I am sure that there will be opportunities for everyone. I want to help Trentino Volley in every situation, inside and outside the court. I am available because I believe that this Society deservers it. I am really grateful.”

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