Cisterna di Latina (Latina), 15 January 2023

Top Volley Cisterna-Itas Trentino 3-2, the match report

Match report. Itas Trentino rejoins Kaziyski (he had missed the midweek Champions League away match in Belgium), whom Lorenzetti immediately reintroduces in the starting six diagonally with Sbertoli; the other five starters are Michieletto and Lavia at hitters, Lisinac and Podrascanin as middle blockers, Laurenzano as libero. Top Volley replies with Baranowciz as setter, Dirlic as opposite, Bayram and Sedlacek in position 4, Rossi and Zingel as middle blockers, Catania as libero. The yellow-blue team hits better thanks to a good initial rotation by Sbertoli, but the 4-0 lead in the first exchanges is just a short-lived blaze, because the hosts immediately push with the serve, thanks to Dirlic and Zingel quickly get tie (8-8) and then score two aces, one by the former Itas player and one by the Turkish hitter (11-14). Trento seeks refuge in a time out and on restart thanks to a block by Sbertoli on Bayram and an error at the net by the same setter manages to pull back into the game (17-18). Cisterna restarts with Sedlacek (17-20) and then with the same old Dirlic (18-22), staking a claim on  the victory of the set well before its conclusion, which comes on 21-25.
Itas Trentino tries to react at the start of the second set, holding the court much better (5-5, 10-10), but without being able to score with continuity at breakpoint, a situation that appears only with a few personal cues (Sbertoli's block, Kaziyski's ace). Cisterna with the serve runs away again (14-16), forcing Lorenzetti to interrupt the game. On restart, the situation does not improve, indeed (16-20); the Trentino coach sends in new players (Nelli and Džavoronok in for Kaziyski and Lavia) but without getting concrete reactions (18-22). A positive serving rotation by the former Monza Czech setter allowed the yellow-blue team to cancel three set balls (22-24), before falling at the fourth scored by Bayram (22-25).
In the third set Lorenzetti confirms on the court the lineup seen in the last serves of the previous one and this time his team starts better (6-5) with Lisinac in highlight on serve. Top Volley replies each and every point with Dirlic in great highlight (10-10) and then gets a point more thanks to Bayram (12-14). The yellow-blue team wavers, but with Lavia on the court in place of Nelli as opposite the team still found tie (14-14) and then leads with Lisinac blocking Rossi (20-19). This time, the end of the set is very tight (21-21) and sees Džavoronok take the lead, scoring an attack for 23-23 and then blocking Bayram (24-23). Cisterna annuls the first set point but cedes at the second: Michieletto scores the 26-24 that sends the two teams to the fourth set.
The long wave of the previous set's rattling victory also produces immediate effects in the next one; Podrascanin scores three break points in a matter of seconds immediately signing the +3 (6-3) and forcing coach Soli to interrupt the game. At the restart, Cisterna immediately gets back thanks to Sedlacek (7-6); the two teams in the middle part of the ser play point by point (10-10, 15-15, 18-18), often alternating the lead, thanks to Dirlic on one side and Džavoronok on the other. The teams go hand in hand until the set goes beyond the normal score (24-24), where a contest of rare intensity takes place, resolved only after the eighth set point for Trento (37-35, Podrascanin's ace), which in turn had canceled six match balls to the hosts.
The tie break saw Top Volley make a comeback (6-8 and 8-11) with Dirlic, as always, backed up by Sedlacek. Lisinac led the comeback attempt (11-12), but then angled out the first half that seemed to close the match (11-14). That is not yet the case, because Michieletto with an ace brings his men back (13-14), Itas Trentino only gives up to Dirlic's attack.

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