Trento, 25 March 2023

Itas Trentino-Vero Volley Monza 3-1, the match report

Game 3 report. Angelo Lorenzetti gets back Podrascanin and the whole first-string diagonal in position 4 Michieletto and Lavia; the starting six then includes again Kaziyski as opposite, Sbertoli as setter, Lisinac as middle player and Laurenzano as libero. Vero Volley Monza replies with Kreling as setter, Grozer as opposite, Maar and Davyskiba at wings, Beretta and Galassi as middle players, Federici as libero. The first spurt of the match comes thanks to an error by the guest opposite, followed by two aces by his counterpart on the other side of the net (Kaziyski, 7-3), a situation that forces Eccheli to ask for a time out. At the restart, however, the yellow-blue team held on to the lead for a long time (9-6 and 11-8), before undergoing Maar's service point (12-10) and blocks by Davyskiba and Beretta that brought them to the draw (14-14). Lorenzetti stops the match, but after the thirty-second break it was still the Brianzoli’s players who ruled the roost above the net with two blocks by Grozer on Michieletto (14-16). Trento went chasing Vero Volley (16-17, 18-19 and 20-21), achieving the comeback at 21 with a counterattack by Michieletto. An error by Lavia offered the new spurt to the guests (21-23), who became unattainable and went ahead 0-1 on 22-25 with Davyskiba's ace.
Itas Trentino immediately reacts and after the change of sides gets off to a fresh start (4-2 and 9-3), lying on the incisiveness of its serve and the attacks of an inspired Kaziyski. The wide lead galvanizes the yellow-blue team, who take more and more speed and intensify in long actions (11-4 and 14-6), backing Monza into a corner. Vero Volley gets nervous and makes many fouls, the hosts take advantage of this to seal the lead (18-10, 21-14 and 23-17) and quickly reach 25-18, which is worth the tie in the set tally.
The third set starts balanced, with the two shortlists taking turns until Kaziyski makes another sprint (from 4-5 to 7-5, time out by Eccheli). Matey goes further with the service and makes a +3 (8-5), that Iras Trentino keeps until 13-11, before suffering a break by Grozer and Maar (14-14), well supported by Zimmerman, who replaces Kreling as setter. The new speed-up by the yellow-blue team, is the result of Kaziyski's services and Michieletto's amazing block on Grozer (18-15); this time Lorenzetti's team doesn't let it take over again (21-18 and 23-18) and gets to 2-1 already on 25-19 (Davyskiba's hitting error).
The hosts start well also in the fourth set; this time Eccheli relies on Szwarc as opposite and Di Martino as middle blocker, at the place of Beretta. Trento immediately takes the lead (4-2 and 7-3), but Vero Volley does not give up and gets to -1 in just a few seconds (8-7). Then Lisinac (10-7) and Kaziyski (13-8) push the gas; this break secures the match and allows Itas Trentino to restore its series advantage, because the final 3-1 arrives about ten minutes later: the guests fight until 18-16 before raising the head again (20-16 and 25-19).

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