Trento, 28 March 2023

BLM Group Arena, the setter Pinelli (Siena) trains with the yellow-blue team for a week

After Monday evening’s weights and individual technical session, this afternoon Itas Trentino held its first technical session of the week, before the Game 4 of the quarterfinals of Play Off Scudetto (on Sunday in Monza), spending a significant part of the two and a half hours of 6-on-6 defense exercises.
For this period Angelo Lorenzetti and his staff will be able to rely on an extra pawn, perfect especially for this type of training; until Saturday, indeed, the group will be joined by setter Riccardo Pinelli. The presence of the emilian setter, born in 1991, in tip-top condition in the two last season with Siena, will allow Niccolò Depalma to gradual recovery after his physical problems felt during the last days and, at the same time, will let the team practice always with no limitations.
Trentino Volley also wants to express gratitude to the player and to his society, Emma Villas Aubay Siena, for the helpfulness.

Trentino Volley Srl
Press Office