Trento, 17 May 2023

Itas Trentino-Cucine Lube Civitanova 3-0, the match #5 report

Here is the game 5 report. The BLM Group Arena is filled with excitement; the cheering of the 4,000 spectators welcomes the two teams for the last time this season, representing no news to what had been predicted on the eve of the match. Itas Trentino gets on court with Sbertoli as setter, Kaziyski as opposite spiker, Michieletto and Lavia as hitter spikers, D’Heer and Podrascanin as middle blockers and Laurenzano as libero. Cucine Lube Civitanova replies with De Cecco as setter, Nikolov as opposite spiker, Bottolo and Yant as hitter spikers, Anzani and Chinenyeze as middle blockers and Balaso as libero. The yellow-blue’s start was solid: two winning blocks on Yant and Nikolov and a counter-attack by Kaziyski provided the immediate breakthrough (3-0); the guests tried to reply with Anzani and Bottolo (5-3), but then Michieletto hit back (8-3). Blengini calls a time out, but when the game restarts the team does well only in the sideout phase (12-7); Chinenyeze’s block (on Podrascanin, 13-10) triggered the guests’ reaction, who then score with Yant and Nikolov for 14-13. After Lorenzetti’s time out, Itas Trentino restarts with D’Heer’s block and Lavia’s attack (18-14), but Cucine Lube ties at 19, making a 1-5 partial thanks to Nikolov. At the most difficult moment of the first set, Trento makes a comeback: Lavia and Kaziyski go wild in attack, at block, and at serve (23-19); 1-0 arrives already at 25-20 with Nelli’s final ace. After the change of court the guests tried to react with their serve and block,immediately putting their opponents in a corner (3-6 and 4-8), but they didn't want to and with the usual Lavia and a great D'Heer (also an ace) they were immediately back  (10-11), before tying on 12-12 with an ace by Kaziyski. The yellow-blue took the lead on 15-14 with a slash by the Belgian centre, who then also scored on serve for +2 (19-17). Kaziyski, once again on serve, solidified the gap (22-18), which was then sealed by a great block by Sbertoli (25-20).
On the wings of enthusiasm, Itas Trentino also got off to a great start in the third set (6-3 and 7-4) and withstood even the opponents' attempt to get back into the match (from 7-6 to 12-9). Lube, with Gottardo and Gabi Garcia on court for Bottolo and Nikolov, believed in it until 17-15, showing all their will to fight, then they had to bow to the rapid determination of the yellow-blue (20-15), which passed through the hands of Michieletto, D'Heer and Lavia (22-16). The tricolour point was sealed by Sbertoli, with a touch of first intention that made the BLM Group Arena jolt: 25-19... Campioni d’Italia!

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