Trento, 24 September 2023

Training, the first month of yellow-blue activity in numbers

55 training sessions (4 in the pool, 8 in athletic preparation, 17 in the weight room, 26 in technique drills) for a total amount of 85 hours and 30 minutes of work; these are the numbers from Itas Trentino’s first month of training. With Saturday night's friendly match in Schio against Modena and the following morning session, Trento’s initial period of the 2023/24 season comes today to an end. The Italian champions will now enjoy a day and a half of rest before returning to the ilT quotidiano Arena for the sixth week of activity. Recovery is set for Tuesday morning in the weight room; during the next seven days another test match is scheduled to take place at 5:30 p.m. in the via Fersina facility on Friday, Sept. 29 with Santa Croce (A2 Series) in the form of a joint training session. The friendly match with Milan scheduled for this weekend, however, has been cancelled.

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