Trento, 19 November 2023

SuperLega, Itas Trentino doesn't miss a beat: sixth win in a row

The friendly court continues to be a factor, especially against Monza, for Itas Trentino men's team. This evening at the ilT Quotidiano Arena the italian champions confirmed their unbeaten season and in the direct confrontation with the Brianzoli (always defeated in Trento in sixteen official matches), regulating the Mint Vero Volley by 3-1 at the end of a match that gave emotions, ball on ball battles, but that in the end confirmed the unblemished start of the championship.
The sixth victory in as many matches played in the regular season also allowed the hosts to pull away from their opponents, taking the lead in the standings alone, taking advantage of the tie break played in Umbria between Perugia and Piacenza. The first breakaway attempt of the season was put in place thanks to a great team reaction. After losing the first set, the Gialloblù were able to start from scratch, dominating the second set until 21-15 and then demonstrating the ability to impose themselves in the second, third, and fourth set, always decided at the sprint. The main protagonists of the three-point comeback were opposite spiker Rychlicki (best scorer and mvp of the match: 24 points with 73% attack, also topped by a block and an ace), setter Michieletto (22 with 56%, two blocks and an ace, but above all the decisive hits in the last two halves), and middle blocker Kozamernik, author of a very generous performance. In a match that was little affected by block and serve (11 points for Trento, 9 for Monza in the sum of the two fundamentals), the difference was made by defence and long exchanges, often won by the italian champions.

Below is the scoreboard of the match of the sixth day of the regular season of SuperLega Credem Banca 2023/24 played this evening at the ilT Quotidiano Arena in Trento.

Itas Trentino-Mint Vero Volley Monza 3-1
(19-25, 25-22, 25-23, 25-23)
ITAS TRENTINO: Lavia 9, Kozamernik 11, Michieletto 22, Rychlicki 24, Podrascanin 6, Sbertoli 1, Laurenzano (L); Magalini 1, Acquarone. N.e. Nelli, D'Heer, Cavuto, Pace, Berger. coach. Fabio Soli.
MINT VERO VOLLEY: Takahashi 13, Galassi 11, Szwarc 12, Maar 15, Di Martino 8, Kreling, Gaggini (L); Visic Loeppky 7, Beretta. N.e. Frascio, Comparoni, Morazzini, Labarile. coach. Massimo Eccheli.
REFEREE: Curto of Gorizia and Zanussi of Treviso.
SET LENGTH: 26', 27', 34', 31'; tot 1h 58'.
NOTES: 2,456 spectators, for a takings of 21,897 Euros. Itas Trentino: 7 blocks, 4 aces, 20 serve errors, 8 action errors, 56% in attack, 56% (43%) in reception. Mint Vero Volleyball: 8 blocks, 1 ace, 16 serve errors, 4 action errors, 56% attack, 59% (33%) reception. Mvp Rychlicki.

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